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Archive for October 26th, 2009

Dr. Farah’s Snake Oil Liniment

Posted by scott on October 26th, 2009

World Net Daily spent all last week trumpeting a story about how the Council on American-Islamic Relations planted Muslims on Capitol Hill, disguised as human interns.  This shocking fact was brought to the attention of the American people when Representatives John Shadegg (R-AZ), Paul Broun (R-GA) and Sue Myrick (R-NC) called a press conference to reveal the conspiracy, and to demand that the Sergeant-at-Arms develop a test to determine which, if any, House interns are secretly Cylons.  The distinguished members apparently discovered the plot while reading a new book entitled “Muslim Mafia,” published — in a bizarre coincidence — by World Net Daily.  The revelations must have come as a particularly nasty shock to Rep. Myrick, who wrote the Foreward to the book under the impression it was an exposé of organized crime and its traffic in fancy linens.


And given that WND has brought us tomes by Vox Day, Jerome Corsi, and those “Help, Mom! There’s [a racial/sexual minority] in my [alliterative storage unit]” books, there’s no question about the author’s veracity.  Really.  No question at all.


But when WND’s Congressional proxies were slow to follow up (it was a week before the glow of their panicky press conference wore off, and they remembered to actually go ahead and request that investigation they were calling for in front of the cameras), the story petered out, and Editor-in-Chief Joseph Farah was forced to leap on the Anita Dunn-Mao Zedong love affair.

What does it say about Barack Obama and his devout supporters that his White House communications director is a big fan of Mao Zedong?

Maybe it was a miscommunication (which I grant you, would be ironic) and she thought he was a porn star?  Sort of the Asian Long Dong Silver?  There’s a judicial precedent.

I know. I know. She said her two favorite philosophers were Mao and Mother Teresa. How’s that for moral and intellectual disconnect?

It’s almost like her mind can cope with two opposing viewpoints.  That way lies madness!

Did you ever think you would hear those two names mentioned in the same breath?

It’s almost as crazy as saying Adolph Hitler and Barack Obama without breathing in between.  Remember kids, the key to drawing an outrageous contrast is breath control — it’s like playing the clarinet.

Were there two people in the history of the world more opposite that Mother Teresa and Mao?

Felix and Oscar?

One devoted herself to saving lives. The other devoted himself to taking them.

Can they get along, without driving each other crazy?

Welcome to the strange world of Anita Dunn, Obama’s self-proclaimed media controller.


Anita Dunn, in undated file photo.

For those of you who missed her practically incoherent speech last June on this topic, I invite you to watch it, courtesy of Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck.

Who has a Masters degree from Walla Walla College in Incoherent Speech Communications.

I want you to try to imagine what would happen to anyone who rose to the rank of White House communications director who suggested her favorite philosopher was Adolf Hitler.

Got the picture in your mind?  Good.  Now try to imagine it’s someone other than Karl Rove.

[K]eep in mind, when it comes to mass extermination of human beings, Mao makes Hitler look like a piker by comparison.

Mao is considered the greatest mass murderer of all time – killing between 70 million and 100 million people, mostly his own.

That’s why Hitler gets all the credit.  Say you were the highest scorer in the history of soccer, but they were all own-goals — you’d get a big fat asterisk next to your name in the record books, wouldn’t you?

Dunn insists now her speech was meant to be ironic.

And the right bloggers don’t do irony, because out of context remarks, taken literally, provide them with most of their material.  They do, however, have a firm grasp of heavy, schoolyard sarcasm.

Again, I leave it to you to judge whether a sense of “irony” would excuse a public official from making such a statement substituting the name Hitler for Mao.

Well, she didn’t, so to quote Crow T. Robot, “Don’t hurt yourself thinking about it!”

I can’t believe America is so fat, lazy, stupid and immoral that it could be conned by such a pathetic rank amateur.

…while Joe is barely getting by with his ads for electronic stomach toners, “secret” martial arts techniques, crisis seed banks, and home high colonic kits.  You know friends…Life was sure a whole lot simpler when you could just put opium, grain alcohol, or cocaine in the product.