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Archive for the 'Video Village' Category

But The Stars We Could Reach Were Just Starfish Führers On The Beach

Posted by scott on July 9th, 2010

Well, after that Victoria Jackson video, we could probably all use a palate cleanser, so here’s a clip from the Japanese action-adventure-sci-fi show Kamen Rider X, in which the hero — a lame Ultraman rip-off who appears to derive his power from a flywheel on his belt — fights the villain Starfish Hitler, who doesn’t appear to be a rip-off of anything or anyone, except for Hitler and possibly some Asterinidae who think his costume goes a little beyond the Fair Use Doctrine.

(Courtesy of WTF Japan Seriously?)

A Fightin’ Mad July 4th From the Satellite of Love!

Posted by scott on July 4th, 2010

We’ll bomb ‘em back to the Jazz Age!

When Science Projects Ruled the World

Posted by scott on November 15th, 2009

As if to prove that not all scientifically-minded Oregonians are gibbering goofballs (see previous post), my brilliant and talented niece, who goes by the counterintuitive sobriquet “Mad Dog,” recently constructed a science project that would have been the envy of Rube Goldberg or Wile E. Coyote.  Enjoy!

My One And Only Comment On Michael Jackson

Posted by scott on July 1st, 2009

Just heard a rumor that Michael Jackson’s body will lie in state at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, which seems both vainglorious and inadequate.  I mean, if they’re going to go that far, why don’t they just crack the seal on Lenin’s Snow White-style glass sarcophagus in Red Square and lay the King of Pop out alongside the Founding Father of Bolshevism (it is, after all, a two seater — Vlad used to bunk with Stalin — and Jacko’s pallor will make Lenin’s dull waxy build-up look like a healthy, George Hamiltonian tan).  Meanwhile, Karl Malden, one of filmdom’s finest character actors, has not been invited to lie in state at any major metropolitan arena, although the manager of Bullwinkle’s Restaurant & Family Fun Center in Tukwila, WA has offered to let the Academy Award-winner’s corpse cool on the air hockey table, as long as it’s gone by Sunday, because they’re having a birthday party.

Via our friend capconnundrum.

Marriage: A Sacred Union Between One Man And One Condiment

Posted by scott on June 4th, 2009

I’ve often wondered where supporters of traditional marriage get their rallying cry, “God established marriage as a union of one man and one woman” when, at the very least, polygamy was a fairly common feature of the Old Testament landscape.  But after watching this mini-documentary on Biblical marriage from America’s Best Christian, Betty Bowers I realized that people like Maggie Gallagher don’t so much want to prevent gays from gaining equal rights to marry as they want to bring back all the really pervy flavors of matrimony we’ve lost in these sadly vanilla times.

Happy Easter! Get Me A Whore!

Posted by Maryc on April 12th, 2009

Patton Oswalt on dyeing Easter Eggs (NSFW):

(h/t Dr. Alice @twitter)

Ron Silver, One of the Dead Neo Cons…

Posted by Maryc on March 15th, 2009

RIP, Ron Silver.  Here’s hoping heaven will be pre-9/11, for you…
(Did you know he was recruited as a CIA apprentice? Neither did I!  But it makes his role in “Heat Vision and Jack” make so much more sense, now):

Alligator Tastes Just Like Turkey!

Posted by scott on November 26th, 2008

We’re flying out Wednesday morning and spending the long weekend in New Orleans.  Blogging should continue, depending on the availability of WiFi, and the strength and frequency of alcohol toxemia, but I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Turkey Day.  We have much to be thankful for this year.

Now, in honor of the upcoming feast, we present the following PSA, entitled, “TV’s Frank’s Heart.”

One More Dawn…

Posted by Maryc on November 3rd, 2008

One more day…..

And if you haven’t already, VOTE!

Ex-Beauty Queen’s Got A Gun!

Posted by Maryc on October 30th, 2008

Julie Brown updates a song from the Reagan Era for a new generation of horrifyingly stupid but gosh-darned folksy conservatives: