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We’re flying out Wednesday morning and spending the long weekend in New Orleans.  Blogging should continue, depending on the availability of WiFi, and the strength and frequency of alcohol toxemia, but I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Turkey Day.  We have much to be thankful for this year.

Now, in honor of the upcoming feast, we present the following PSA, entitled, “TV’s Frank’s Heart.”

11 Responses to “Alligator Tastes Just Like Turkey!”

Save a slice of turducken for me!

Wait…you can afford to FLY?!?!?!?!?

My haiku goes on…
Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Don’t eat too much pie! :)

Happy Thanksgiving, all.

actor, after our savings run out, I’m guessing we’ll still have our frequent flier miles, since it’s not like we can afford to go anywhere. If someone’s feeding you on the other end, the getting there may not be the hard part. :-)


I’m catering for my mom. Altho I won’t be staying. She has bedbugs.




I wannnnnnnaaaa goooooooooo… *sniff-sniff*

Annti, I’m sure if you ask nice actor212 can send you some bedbugs too ;}

Hardy frickin’ har har. That ain’t where I wanna go, and you know it.

Though I wouldn’t mind another trip to Austin… Never did get to see the Congress Street Bridge bats, unfortunately… *sigh*

Maybe Actor will love me enough to send YOU the bedbugs, though, weirder things have been known to happen…

Ain’t heard from the turd in YEARS, and this is what he comes up with… *sigh*

Happy Thanksgiving to all of youse. I was trying to post a link in a comment before but it didn’t go through. Oh well.
Go. Eat food.
I, meanwhile, have to work on this holiday. (I work at a grocery store. You’d be surprised by how many people wait till the last minute to buy stuff…including frozen turkeys. Which of course they won’t be able to actually eat til like, midnight.)

Listen, after I visited my mom on Sunday to help my disabled brother buy a new mattress, I had to strip naked in the laundry room (I had a lookout) so I wouldn’t chance bringing them fuckers into my own apartment.

I don’t relish putting on yet another Tyvek suit on Thanksgiving, not least of which because I didn’t hire the hooker who sold it to me.

Argh, bedbugs! The little bastards are making quite the comeback. Damned hard to get rid of too. Now anytime I stay in a hotel, I check the edges and seams of the mattress for the tail tell tiny spots of dried blood.

If I ever get to do road trips again, I’m gonna get a Bio-Willie bus, or else sleep in the truck. How I managed to do the cheap-motel route in ‘03 without any infestations, I have no friggin’ idea. I really am sorry that you got the bedbugs, that’s fucking vile, but Preznit deserved them, after leaving me holding the bag out back of the Chuck E. Cheez.

Try explaining THAT shit to the cops. I’ll take a Tyvek suit any day, over a cavity search.

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