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Julie Brown updates a song from the Reagan Era for a new generation of horrifyingly stupid but gosh-darned folksy conservatives:

12 Responses to “Ex-Beauty Queen’s Got A Gun!”

I’m Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. and I approve of this video.

Scott! Did I, or did I not, suggest that someone should put together a montage of Palin with weapons pictures to this song maybe 3 weeks ago?

Is it possible Julie reads this blog?

Morons with guns. Really makes you luv Amurrica, don’t it?

I sent the idea to the Stephanie Miller Show at the same time as I sent it to Scott. It’s her show that first aired it the song — don’t know why it took this long to hit YouTube.

But unfortunately it looks like that airing predated my suggestion to them by a few days so Julie and I were just thinking along the same comic line, but she was faster than me and, you know, talented, and had access to recording equipment. Damn elitist.

Not to be pedantic or anything, but if you have a computer and a microphone, you have recording equipment. Software takes care of the rest. The talent part is a little more dodgy.

I heard this song on Stephanie Miller’s show a few weeks ago, and, at the risk of sounding like I’m not with the program, so to speak, I have to say I didn’t like it at all. The main reason is the misogyny. IIRC, there’s a passage in there where she implies that Palin got to where she is by giving blowjobs. I object to Palin’s politics, her tactics, and the fact that she’s gotten as far as she has at all, but I think accusing her of that is really low, not clever, and, as I said, misogynistic.

Sorry, I’ll try to be funny next time.

Lu -

I’d agree, except she did get the VP nomination because she is an attractive female. There are a lot of conservative women out there, and you could throw a fistful of pennies at any corner and hit three women more qualified for the job.

…ergo, since she’s an attractive unqualified (in our eyes) woman, she must have given out sexual favors?

Palin has enough inadequacies. Palin is a person who happens to be a woman. Her sexuality, mothering skills or whatever attributes she has that make her a woman have no bearing on her qualification or lack thereof.

If we as liberals spout the belief that all people should be judged on their qualifications or abilities, free of blanket stereotypes that have been used to marginalize them as the “other” (not-male, not-white), then we need to practice that belief as well.


I don’t think that it’s misogynistic for one woman to accuse another one of blowing her way to the top — look at Sarah Palin, Caribou Barbie — that woman isn’t “qualified” to be a fucking CROSSING GUARD. She makes DUMBYA look “qualified”!!!

And that, I always thought, was physically impossible.

I think that Julie Brown is funny as hell. And David, you shoulda done it, instead of waiting and letting somebody else beat you to the punch.

When it comes to misogyny, this silly thing is NOTHING compared to the FLAMING HORSESHIT that was lobbed at Hillary, and I didn’t see Lu or anybody else waving a red flag over THAT.

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