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Patton Oswalt on dyeing Easter Eggs (NSFW):

(h/t Dr. Alice @twitter)

4 Responses to “Happy Easter! Get Me A Whore!”

Thank you. I have been amused.

I loved Paas as a kid. I loved punching out the cardbox to make an eggstand so the eggs can dry. My older brother mixed the colosrs and all my eggs would be gray,after I cried he painted then for me. He always kept a few for monthsso he could smash them and tell some little kid it was a Chinese thousand year old egg.

Thanks for that!
The flashback and the laughter, that is.

Heh. Love teh Patton.

Never got the Paas, though, used the old standard food coloring and vinegar. Not even when they started making little cardboard/sticker costumes for the eggs (which, if you think of it in a yonic or biological sense, is pretty fucking fucked-up), but somehow, I survived. Got an ostrich egg one year, with my name glittered on it.

You DON’T wanna try to eat those. Maybe it was that particular ostrich, I dunno, but I ain’t recommending it. And have no fucking clue where the Fallen Uterus found an ostrich egg circa 1976 or ‘77. Don’t wanna know.

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