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Archive for January 15th, 2008

Bill’s Corner

Posted by s.z. on January 15th, 2008

My head hurts, so I thought I’d turn the podium over to Bill O’Reilly.  So, here are a few words from Bill about how Fox News is under assault.


 BillOReilly.com: Journalism as a Contact Sport

There is a chance that before this presidential election year is over, somebody is going to get hurt. Knowing that partisan hostility is boiling over in America, the Secret Service is tense because the candidates are exposed when they campaign in public. Hatred is definitely in the air, and the media is partially to blame

You want to be your own country? Go right ahead. And if Al Qaeda comes in here and blows you up, we’re not going to do anything about it.

The enormous success of the Fox News Channel has created a bitterness unprecedented in the American press. … So it comes as no surprise that Fox News, which gives equal time to conservative thought, is despised by many in the liberal press. Not surprisingly, that hostility has now carried over into the political arena.

I just wish Katrina had only hit the United Nations building, nothing else, just had flooded them out, and I wouldn’t have rescued them.

The reason the Democratic candidates boycotted Fox News was that the far-left Internet crazies told them to do it. Websites like the Daily Kos and Media Matters, which spit out anti-conservative hatred everyday, made it clear to the Democrats that anyone dealing with Fox would be punished.

If you cross Fox News Channel, it’s not just me, it’s Roger Ailes who will go after you. I’m the street guy out front making loud noises about the issues, but Ailes operates behind the scenes, strategizes and makes things happen so that one day BAM! The person gets what’s coming to them but never sees it coming.

Anyway, I saw the anti-Fox hatred firsthand when I traveled to New Hampshire last week.

I’ll tell you what. I’ve been in combat. I’ve seen it, I’ve been close to it.

Fox News vehicles have been vandalized, FNC correspondents cursed, and all Fox News personnel are cautious.

Now it’s so bad that I spend an enormous amount of money protecting myself against evil.

And then I would take the other hand with the falafel thing and I’d just put it on your p***y . . . 


 Okay, I think that’s enough from Bill.  Good night, everybody!