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Archive for March 12th, 2010

Teach A Man To Fish And You Starve Him For A Lifetime

Posted by scott on March 12th, 2010


If you’ve noticed the smell of burning hair, relax — you didn’t accidentally toss your Red Baron™ Biscuit-Style Breakfast Pizza in the pet taxi, and your cat in the Toaster Oven this morning. No, it’s just RenewAmerica froth merchant Sher Zieve, who has observed the progress (if we may use that word without provoking a rash of snorts and rude gestures) of health care reform, and who, as a result, is now hosting a smoldering rage beneath her mop of Cousin Oliver hair.

Obama openly rules against the will of the governed and now their lives

The ObamaCare “healthcare” bill — which has little to nothing to do with health — will begin the establishment of his and the Marxist-Democrats’ permanent dictatorship in the United States of America. At least 100 (that’s one-hundred, folks)

Sher spells it out as a courtesy, since a large portion of her audience won’t read Arabic numerals on principle. No clue about the hyphen, though.

…new agencies are included in the ObamaCare monstrosity. These are agencies the Obama, his Marxist and his Maoist co-conspirators have included for the establishment of [their] total control over the American people.

Also not sure about the brackets. Maybe punctuation at RenewAmerica is like funding at government agencies — they have to use it all up by the end of the fiscal year (that would certainly explain the recent run on exclamation points). Anyway, The Obama is a 1978 film (originally titled The Manitou) starring Tony Curtis and Stella Stevens, which is apparently about the horrors of the Canadian health care system, since it was shot in British Columbia, and Burgess Meredith, Jon Cedar, and Paul Mantee all play doctors.

This is, of course, a deliberately executed atrocity

Which I actually prefer, because there’s nothing more vexing in the immediate aftermath of an atrocity than to hear the perpetrator say, “oops.”

In previous columns I’ve written about Soviet Dictator Josef Stalin who committed genocide on the Ukrainian people via mass starvation. Stalin began by regulating the food the Ukrainians were allowed to have, then he shipped all of the wheat they had raised to other countries and ended with his goons invading Ukrainian houses and removing every last morsel of food in each and every home.

The parallels to budget reconciliation are uncanny.

This resulted in the deaths of between 3,000,000-7,000,000 (that’s Millions, folks)

Thanks, Sher. But if you suspect your audience is illiterate, is closed captioning really the solution?

To this day, the numbers are still not known with certainty. Stalin’s thugs buried the bodies in massive graves, then covered them up with tons and tons of dirt.

This has made obtaining an accurate body count difficult, because Stalin’s thugs buried the Ukrainians so deep that their remains got mixed up with all those fossils Satan planted to make us believe in evolution.

Fox News and a few other not-completely-controlled-by-the-dictator news sources are reporting that US citizens may or will soon be prohibited from fishing the nation’s oceans, coastal waters, Great Lakes and even inland waters. That’s everywhere, folks.

I swear, the above sentence on proposed fishing regulations is in the very same paragraph as the stuff about the genocide of the kulaks.

And Robert Montgomery from ESPNOutdoors.com writes: “The Obama administration has ended public input for a federal strategy that could prohibit U.S. citizens from fishing some of the nation’s oceans, coastal areas, Great Lakes, and even inland waters.” Obama also recently dictated — in the manner of a real and true tyrant — that ALL input from the public on this matter has ended and will not be accepted by the tyrant and/or his administration. Could this be Obama’s clever take on the “Stalin Ukrainian problem Solution?” Is this the beginning of the Obama Opposition Solution? Looks like it.

Will Obama’s thugs invade American’s homes and remove every last morsel of fish? Looks like it.

The only real “solution” to any hope of restoring our now defunct republic is the removal from office of all Marxists, Marxist and Maoist wannabees contained within the Executive branch

A Marxist and a Marxists are similar, but a Marxists is even worse, because he’s plurals.

… and all willing Obama Congressional schemers — on both the Senate and US House of Representatives side — from office. It will need to be very soon or we as a country will have been murdered by The Obama and his willing adherents and We-the-People will no longer exist.

La Zieve is serious!

Communist Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

Who would appreciate it if you would use her proper title: Chairwoman of the Presidium.

…is reported by a congressman to have recently said that she will push ObamaCare through in “any way possible.” Perhaps what’s left of We-the-People should consider her statement toward the application of ridding ourselves of her and her colleagues who are embroiled in the destruction of the USA. What do you think?

I think you’re getting a little mealy-mouthed, Sher. You used to end every column with the ominous question, “Still feeling peaceful?” Now you’re trying to foment revolution by suggesting that we “should consider her statement toward the application of ridding ourselves of her and her colleagues”? Okey dokey, thanks for the Politburo boilerplate, Commissar.

Obama to end fishing by humans in USA

Even worse, he plans to introduce humaning by fish (probably by tampering in God’s domain and accelerating the evolution of salmon until they become carnivorous bipeds with a yen for booty, pretty much the way it happened in Humanoids From The Deep). But not everyone is taking this lying down; somewhere in Minnesota, Babe Winkelman is staring into a trout stream and willing himself to undergo an Incredible Mr. Limpet-style transformation, hopefully in time for the debut of his new show, Good Humaning, this fall on the Versus network..