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Archive for March 5th, 2010

WND: Obama Is Emmett Till Proven Innocent

Posted by scott on March 5th, 2010

We all have our quirky little enthusiasms. Interests and attachments that are difficult to defend — even objectively silly — but nonetheless fun and fulfilling. I happen to have a passion for egregiously bad movies. Mary is partial to the TV series Castle. Riley enjoys a fine catnip and a persistent patch of sunlight. And managing editor of World Net Daily David Kupelian really, really likes rape.


And you can see why. For a man whose sexual confidence seems to constantly tremble like a Jenga tower in the later stages of play, rape is a wonderfully convenient, labor-saving device, the Swiss Army knife of metaphors. In 2005, when a movie sympathetic to the plight of gay men in America was released to favorable reviews, and David was reduced to a lonely voice, howling in the wilderness, rape was there for him:

“Brokeback Mountain,” the controversial “gay cowboy” film that has garnered seven Golden Globe nominations and breathless media reviews – and has now emerged as a front-runner for the Oscars – is a brilliant propaganda film, reportedly causing viewers to change the way they feel about homosexual relationships and same-sex marriage.

And how do the movie-makers pull off such a dazzling feat? Simple. They do it by raping the “Marlboro Man,” that revered American symbol of rugged individualism and masculinity.

What could be worse than Hollywood sodomizing our beloved corporate mascots? Only the prospect of the White House — the home of America’s Caesars! — occupied by a Nubian upstart whose idea of bipartisanship is to ask, “Where the white women at?”

Barack Obama and the date-rape of America

Good Americans from sea to shining sea are grappling right now with how to mentally process what they’re witnessing in Washington, D.C.

The spectacle of a far leftist president literally forcing socialized medicine down the throat of an unwilling center-right America is reminiscent, perhaps more than any other contemporary metaphor, of date rape.

America is like South Carolina in the second half of Birth of a Nation — ravished by triumphant Negroes — but even worse, because at least those guys were actually white under all that burnt cork.

A man determined to have his way with a woman may start off seducing her with lies, flattery and the usual pretense of caring about her. But at a critical moment, when she says, “Stop, I’m not comfortable with this and don’t want to go any further,” he has a choice: Either do the right thing and back off, or abandon all prior pretensions and take her by force.

I’m not surprised to see that David, as a traditionalist, has followed the time-honored literary dictum, write what you know.

As president, Barack Obama courted us with sweet talk, but America grew increasingly uncomfortable with his advances and firmly said, “Stop” – in fact, screamed bloody murder for months. Yet Obama remains obsessed with forcing himself on America.

In addition to serving as editor of WND and Whistleblower, David has authored several books of best-selling moral wisdom, including How Evil Works: Understanding and Overcoming the Destructive Forces That Are Transforming America, The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised As Freedom, and The Huge Black Penis of Evil: How Evil Has a Huge Black Penis.

Put aside for the moment the fact that Obama is single-handedly destroying the Democratic Party for years, perhaps decades, by maniacally pursuing Obamacare as though it were Moby Dick and he Captain Ahab, leading all the Pequod’s hapless Democrat crewmen into political destruction.

Most experts agree that in the wild, the Huge Black Penis has only one natural enemy: Moby Dick.

America is not, after all, a place like Cuba or Zimbabwe where corrupt dictators get their way through sheer ruthlessness, intimidation and naked arrogance. We’re accustomed to the rule of law, to civility, to due process, even in the most difficult and contentious of times. After all, when Hillarycare was soundly rejected by Americans during Bill Clinton’s first term, he wisely backed off and stopped trying to force socialized medicine on us. (And Bill was a guy with his own date-rape problems, but that’s another story.)

And he was a white man, and stuck to his own kind, and we don’t really care what the poor white trash get up to with themselves, so long as they don’t frighten horses or show up drunk to church.

A few weeks ago I interviewed a top forensic psychiatrist – a medical professional who makes his living evaluating and providing expert testimony regarding the mental condition of people in court cases…I asked him, “Does Barack Obama have Narcissistic Personality Disorder?” Mind you, this was not about whether the president is “narcissistic,” which everyone already knows. Rather, Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a serious mental illness or personality disorder with a broad and disturbing symptom picture.

The forensic psychiatrist’s response to my question: “Yes, that’s a fair assessment, maybe even Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder” (which crosses over into criminality).

It’s like that Dick Van Dyke geriatric mystery series, combined with a pervy Dick Wolf procedureal. Diagnosis: Rape.

We went through a few of the major symptoms, including: 1) a grandiose view of one’s achievements (everything with Obama is “historic”)

Obama thinks he’s something special, but lots of black men have gotten themselves elected President of the United States. Morgan Freeman does it like three times a year.

2) utter inability to handle criticism (everyone criticizing him or his policies is attacked as a radical or extremist, even Fox News was attacked)

Roosevelt was the same way in 1941 (everyone who bombed us was attacked as treacherous and dastardly, even Tokyo was attacked). If FDR had had a lick of self-reflection, he would have taken Pearl Harbor as constructive criticism of our scrap metal embargo.

and 3) lack of genuine empathy (in his televised speech immediately after the Fort Hood shooting – while the entire nation was reeling in shock – he engaged in small talk and “shout-outs” for two full minutes before mentioning the worst terror attack on our soil since 9/11.)

I prefer paralysis or panic in my presidents, and Bush managed both in one day. That’s versatility.

Imagine you just met someone who was unusually arrogant, greedy and selfish, who considered himself far superior to everyone else, above the need to be truthful, above the law (and willing to break any law he could get away with), who was contemptuous of others and utterly impervious to criticism or self-reflection – and who also harbored an overwhelming urge not only to take your money, but to control you, to exert power over your life! You might understandably conclude that person is mentally deranged or even a criminal.

Or you might just wonder why your hostess seated you next to Glenn Beck.

how can he justify using such dishonest means to force his will on an unwilling American public? In other words, how can he countenance, in effect, date-raping America?

I don’t know, Dave, but maybe you should be a little more concerned about what you’re going to tell the police, since DNA testing has found traces of your semen in the rectum of the English language.

What we need to understand is that, between his hate-based ideology (Winston Churchill called socialism the “gospel of envy”), extreme narcissism and long-internalized political corruption, Obama and others like him, literally drunk on power, live essentially in a state of delusion: Down is up, truth is cruel and impractical, corruption is just “conducting business,” morality is repression, lying is a creative force.

You know what, I’m flat out of projection, and homeless-guy-arguing-with-his-reflection-in-a-plate-glass-window jokes. You guys got anything?

Those on the far left regions where Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid dwell regard free-market capitalism as irredeemably evil, exploitive and unjust – and therefore in need of destruction to make way for the creation of something more noble and just. Likewise, they look at influential conservatives not simply as “old-fashioned,” “selfish” or “religious nuts,” but as evil. (Remember, Dick Cheney was “Darth Vader” and Karl Rove “the emperor.”) If you think I exaggerate the monumental, self-righteous rage with which the left abhors conservatives, watch MSLSD for 15 minutes. I rest my case.

The jury will now retire to consider their verdict and beat the prosecutor senseless with a bar of Lifebuoy stuffed in a tubesock.

Thus, the left thinks of their constant lying and deceiving the way you and I might regard lying and deceiving were we German undercover operatives in the Nazi army plotting to kill Hitler, as in the true-life Operation Valkyrie. Col. von Stauffenberg and the other courageous patriots in the German army were lying and deceiving all day long. After all, war is deception, and they were operating behind enemy lines, trying to slay a monster and end a terrible war. Their deceptions were indeed noble.

Shorter David Kupelian: “Yes, but we’re like the good Nazis!”

That’s how Obama and company think of their daily depredations that endanger the very existence of America as a land of liberty and light among the nations.

President, Don’t Let the Sun Set on You in America.

Any way you slice it – psychologically, ideologically, politically, morally – we are talking about people in the grip of dark forces and delusion, hell-bent on leading the rest of us downward, which they see as upward. The fact that they may not be fully conscious of the evil they do may make it easier for us not to hate them.

Yeah, um…the feeling’s not mutual.

But hate is not what we need, anyway. What we need is to vote every single one of Obama’s congressional collaborators out of office this November, and to do it so decisively that even “the anointed one’s” gigantic fortress-life shell of denial is shattered into a million pieces – as the bells of freedom ring once again throughout America.


“Jeb, you set up the card table over there with the voter guides and the ‘I Voted!’ stickers. Wade, you hand out the leaflets, but be careful not to electioneer within a hundred feet of the polling place.”