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Archive for July 31st, 2009

Look! Over There!

Posted by scott on July 31st, 2009

I’m struggling (as usual) with a deadline, but was still planning to take a break and do a little something with Jonah Goldberg’s latest ejecta, until I saw that both Roy and Doghouse Riley had gotten there first, which kinda made me feel like the guy from the County Roads Department who comes upon a skunk after its been run over twice, and whose only role in the tragedy is to dismount with a grumble and scrape up the collapsed corpse with a snow shovel.  So click forth and enjoy.  Here’s a taste of the Hoosier Sage:

American “conservatives” have been driven to regard even the suggestion that unfettered rapine in pursuit of profits may have any deleterious effect whatsoever as The Drumbeat of Global Commie Fascism, though, oddly for percussion, only they can hear it. Again, this is filtered through Goldberg, and thus is presented as a sort of culmination of everything from Anti-Fluoridationialism through Dirty Hippies Are Having Miscegenated Sex At Lunch-Counter Sit-Ins, to Jimmy Carter Gave Away Our Canal, which wisdom he received from his parents and never bothered to check on.

I’ll be back shortly.