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Archive for July 7th, 2009

Townhall Peep Show

Posted by scott on July 7th, 2009

Work is piling up, so I thought I’d do a quick Townhall Shorter before assaulting my desk, and it seems I picked a good time to drop by, since they’re having one of their theme days.  Today everyone is voiding their brains of dirty, naughty, pervy thoughts for the benefit of their Real American readership:

Obama Is in Russia, but Honduras Is Where the Action Is: Dennis Prager offers another installment of his Tips for Sex Tourists.

Sarah Palin, Liberal Nerds and an Envious Spinster: Douglas MacKinnon helps you spice up your marital relations with these fun role-play scenarios.

A Tangled Web: Thomas Sowell explains the pitfalls awaiting BDSM enthusiasts who attempt classical Japanese Rope Bondage without first receiving proper knot-tying training from an Asian top or a Boy Scout.  Sowell notes that amateur rigs often put excessive strain on the bottom’s abdomen and lower back; this can, in extreme cases, damage the kidneys and reduce their resale value.

The Feminists Demand and Receive: Phyllis Schlafly answers the question: Why is my jaw so sore?

Palin’s Ship in the Harbor: Debra J. Saunders uses nautical metaphors to fantasize about what Todd and Sarah Palin were really doing on that fishing trip.

Putting Liberals on the Couch by Burt Prelutsky.  (Hint: The Secret Ingredient is Chloroform!)

How To Be A Sex Crazed Politician And Survive is simple, according to Rachel Marsden.  Just cheat on your wife with a serial stalker who boasts a history of bizarre behavior, false statements, and multiple restraining orders; that way, when it hits the media, you’re the victim.

How’s the stimulus working for you so far?:  Neal Boortz gives up on attracting a mate and reviews the latest line of high-power, cordless vibrators.