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Archive for May 1st, 2009

Despite the catchy name, Obama’s Tortured History isn’t quite as much fun as one might expect, since it contains quite a bit more torture and abortion than, say, Peabody’ Improbable History.

Obama’s Tortured History by Meredith Turney

President Obama took the occasion of his 100th day in office to publicly denounce the practice of interrogative waterboarding as torture.

I appreciate Meredith specifying which type of waterboarding she’s addressing, because I often get “interrogative” — the style traditionally used as torture — confused with “recreational” waterboarding, which is a popular combination of surfing and auto-erotic asphyxiation.

The “character of a country”—specifically America—is an issue every president grapples with. On the world stage, character—the ability to trust another nation’s integrity—is critical. A country with inconsistent morals is a nation whose character cannot be trusted. Under the Obama Administration, America is perilously close to losing our moral integrity regarding basic human rights

You mean we still had some left after the Bush Administration?  I guess they never found that Sucrets tin full of moral integrity Jimmy Carter hid behind a loose brick in the White House Situation Room on election night in 1980, after he’d had a bit too much Billy Beer.

…especially the right to life.

Sure we tortured people and lied about it, who hasn’t?  But what the other western democracies can‘t forgive is our stubborn refusal to shackle pregnant women to the oars of a trireme, while a sweaty, muscular slave-driver pounds a huge drum to the rhythm of their contractions.

President Obama has taken a seemingly unequivocal moral stand in favor of human rights by banning waterboarding, which he considers a form of torture. But juxtapose his moral outrage over torture with his nomination of Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius to lead the Health and Human Services Department.

“Fine, our people betrayed America’s ideals, traditions, certain laws, a couple of treaties, and the founding charter, but is that really so bad, compared to your crappy taste in bureaucrats?”

During her twenty-plus years as an elected official in Kansas, Sebelius has forged strong ties to infamous abortionist George Tiller. For $5,000, Tiller will perform any abortion, for any reason

That’s why he’s known as the “Earl Scheib of Zygotes.”

It is the height of hypocrisy to ban interrogation techniques on militant enemies of innocent life while refusing to ensure innocent life isn’t carelessly discarded by ruthless abortionists.

But we’re getting valuable, actionable intelligence from these fetuses!  We don’t dare wait for the “smoking gun” to come in the form of a placenta.

Now in a much higher pay grade than when he was last asked about his position on abortion, the reporter asked whether the president still intended to sign the Freedom of Choice Act…Once again, President Obama hemmed and hawed, rambling on about what a difficult decision abortion is for women.

“Why does a man who’s black and white refuse to see things in black and white?!  He’s clearly one of those self-haters.”

Perhaps we walk a thin line in determining the definition of torture and its use in national security, but when it comes to preventing the needless pain and suffering of children, America should hold true to our ideal of protecting all innocent life.

Hewing to the path of righteousness requires sacrifice, moral and intellectual consistency, and rigorous sense of self-denial.  Unless you want to pour water up someone’s nose until they choke; then there’s some wiggle room.

The Weekly Double Standard

Posted by scott on May 1st, 2009

Michael Goldfarb, blogging at The Weekly Standard:

ABC runs a report showing the names and faces of two CIA contractors who may have had a role in the waterboarding of KSM and Abu Zubaydah. [...]
ABC’s conduct here, exposing two men who will now become obvious targets for terrorists and left-wing extremists, is deplorable. Will the Obama administration investigate who leaked their identities? Or is it now open-season on Americans who were only doing what their government asked of them in order to protect their country from attack?

If only Valerie Plame had been torturing prisoners, instead of working on nuclear non-proliferation issues, Rove and Cheney would have been horrified at the thought of outing her.