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I don’t mean to one-up Scott, but here are TWELVE conservative “babes” for your special day, Doghouse.


Sure, one of them is Ann Coulter, but another one is Michele Bachmann (or Michelle Bachman, as they refer to her for legal purposes). And another one is Michelle Malkin. And another one is Michelle Duggar! Yes, it’s all the conservative babe Michelles you’ll ever need, all in one convenient calendar.

Here’s the press release from Human Events Online:

Dressed in black and packing fashionably smart gazes at the camera’s lens,

Well, Michelle Malkin’s gaze looks kinda dazed and dopey to me, but whatever, I’ll accept your contention that these women are smart enough to look at a camera.

…12 high-profile ladies from the right—including one well-known power mother of 19—

That would be Clare herself, well known for her maternal attributes.

…have earned spots in the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute’s 6th annual “Great American Conservative Women” calendar, available for purchase this week.

Last year, the vaunted Herndon, Va., women’s institute, which promotes leadership and brings conservative speakers to college campuses, garnered wattage with then-newsmaker Carrie Prejean, the controversial Miss USA who rose to the spotlight amid much praise and intense criticism with her unabashed pageant defense of traditional marriage.

Wow, so last year’s calendar featured some of those “controversial” porn photos of Carrie?!? How very vaunted!

This year, another beloved but decidedly less showbiz figure, Michelle Duggar, American’s unapologetic turbo-mom, makes an appearance on the monthly pages. [...]

“We picked Michelle Duggar not because she is political at all but because she represents our ideals,” [Clare spokesmodel Alyssa] Cordova said. “She is devoted to taking care of her family, to doing her own thing, devoted to her faith. She represents a lot of things our people look up to.”

“Our people” apparently look up to women who give birth to lots and lots and lots of children they can’t give much attention to, but make up for that fact by letting TV audiences watch them on a regular basis.

But this is why you should objectify these women for their looks, such as they are:

“I think the Left always makes it seem that being pretty is mutually exclusive to being smart,” she [Cordova] said. “It’s appalling and a total double standard for conservative women.”

Damn that Left, always ruining things for pretty girls like Duggar by insisting that she is just a piece of meat, when clearly she must be smart to have figured out how to get pregnant every 6 months.

” If you go to the women’s center on campus, they are trying to stifle any traces of femininity. We like to highlight that these women have great looks and also intellects.”

And that’s why its so great that they feature Bachmann, who is a rocket scientist as well as being easily as pretty as Ruth Buzzi’s famous character “Gladys Ormphby.”

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Doghouse. You are one of my heroes. And everyday I am amazed that a man of your vast intellect consents to hangout with ne’er-do-wells and riffraff like us! So, have a great day and never desert us, or we will have to publish even more photos of Ann Counter!

5 Responses to “Happy REAL Birthday, Mr. Riley”

Michelle Bachman looks like she’s wearing a Michelle Bachmann mask.

This year, another beloved but decidedly less showbiz figure, Michelle Duggar

“Decidedly less,” indeed. As if anyone who didn’t read the Guinness Book of Moron Records would have heard of the human clown car, w/o her show bidness career.

“Clare Booth Luce provides women with an invaluable message,” Carpenter said. “Modern conservative women don’t sacrifice their femininity for professionalism or family for the future. They can have it all. And we are.”

Wikilinks advises:

Boothe married George Tuttle Brokaw, heir to a New York clothing fortune, on August 10, 1923, at the age of 20. They had one daughter, Ann Clare Brokaw (April 25, 1924 – January 11, 1944). According to Boothe, Brokaw was an alcoholic, and the marriage ended in divorce in 1929. On November 23, 1935, Boothe married Henry Robinson Luce, the wealthy and influential publisher of Time, Fortune, and Life.

All you have to do is marry a millionaire. (There’s a word for that, but I’m not allowed to use it on the Internet.)

Y’know, the whole Jab It In Your Eye “conservative” routine–ooh, look, we’re not feminists! though, of course, with the notable exception of the walking freak show brought in for just that reason, none is home baking cookies and counting the minutes until He arrives–is now older than what? 80% of that list? Or 88%, if that’s actually a Bay Buchanan impersonator under the Vaseline.

“I think the Left always makes it seem that being pretty is mutually exclusive to being smart,” she [Cordova] said.

“These women defy that by being both ugly and stupid,” she could have added.

Something to say?