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With the repeal of DADT, I think we need to go to Robin of Berkeley for a little perspective on what it all may mean to a member of our armed forces: it means that a gay person might look at him or her!

Here’s Robin’s story of how she was raped hit on by a lesbian:

The debate about repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” now passed into law, has triggered a long-repressed memory of mine from the ’70s. It was when I was hit on by a woman. I was around 20 and taking a women-only martial arts class.

I was changing in the locker room when one of the women in the class, Judy, stared at me lasciviously. I automatically turned away and got the heck out of there.

That’s the entire incident. A woman looked at Robin in a locker room. Only in Berkeley!

18 Responses to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Look”

She wasn’t even hit on. She was looked at. Lasciviously.
(According to her.)
Thirty + years ago.

What an ordeal. No wonder she’s still thinking about it…fondly.

She just ran? That’s it? Jeez, even Tucker Carlson brought back some friends to gay bash his ocular molester.

Maybe Robin was just so repulsive that the woman couldn’t look away. We all know how it is when there is an accident.

I wonder how broadly she defines “lasciviously”. The woman might have just been smiling to be friendly. She was no doubt baffled when Robin fled the room.

Maybe Robin ran from the room in search of someone to say “Mom! She was looking at me!” I know that’s what my kids did to thwart an act of malicious looking.

I just hope she didn’t make a face, too. That is grounds for a trip to the time-out chair.

And of course, many boys are also experimenting with a bisexual lifestyle.

Back in my day, it would have been odd for a girl to have a homosexual experience. These days, the oddballs are the kids who don’t give in to peer pressure.

Funny, I don’t recall hordes of homosexuals running amok in my high school. Either Berkeley is a very interesting place, or Robin has been huffing nitrous oxide and watching The Harrad Experiment again.

A couple of years ago, in my leftist days, I would have been a strong proponent of repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” But now that I take a few moments to actually think about things, the commingling of out-of-the-closet gays and straights in our military seems like a disaster in the making.

It might seem odd that open gays would be so much more hazardous than the closeted gays who’ve been in the armed forces for decades. Well, Robin has the answer:

Oh, right…she doesn’t. Well, I’m sure the wingnut brain trust will get right on that.

Personally, I wouldn’t like it one bit if I were stuck in a tent — or a submarine — with someone like Judy.

“She might actually want to talk to me! Just thinking about it gives me nightmares.”

Progressive readers will brand me a homophobe for saying what I’m saying. I’m not homophobic, but I am a realist.

I’m not a bigot, I’m a racial realist – sorry, sexual realist.

Progressive readers will brand me a homophobe for saying what I’m saying.

I was thinking more along the lines of “poster child for the serious inadequacies of California’s therapist licensing system”, but you’re right, there’s that, too.

I’m guessing Ms. Robin is a big fan of the harmless playfulness theory when, say, people get uncouth with their subordinates, who would (if they didn’t like it) find one of the other jobs lying fallow on the ground in the current economy.

A random stranger, like, looking at you in the locker room? God, it’s like rape or something.

If that was bad, I mean. Let’s not get all politically correct about this.

Why do the least attractive (as a package, I mean. Not physically) people always seem to assume that anyone same-sex-oriented is overcome by senseless lust when they enter a room?

I’m sorry, but I had three younger sisters and my Mom spent years as a leader for the Girl Guides (as we say in Canada).

I simply cannot imagine my Mom ever saying or doing anything that might be construed as encouraging promiscuity.

I can easily imagine her raising her voice to step in and prevent any bullying of troop members for any reason (like a girl who might seem not as feminine as some might imagine she should be). But to say that that is encouraging promiscuity-what a sick twisted fuck this writer must be.

Due to a hacking attack, this site is now closed. World O’ Crap has moved to http://www.world-o-crap.blogspot.com/.

Hope to see you there.

–Scott & s.z.

Robin is the type of straight woman who thinks everything she saw in those Pam Grier movies from 1973 was true. I know that type all too well. They are they types who want you to take them to gay bars, where they then hit on you, then blame you for their own desires.

They are enough to drive one to run out of the room, and never look back.

Did Robin steal this story from the Penthouse Letters section of the magazine. Running is a boring way to end the story of her first and only contact with a lesbian. Robin lacks imagination or the story could have been much more interesting.

Since Robin goes right into the flight or fight response when being looked at, I suggest that she would do better to find the reason for such behavior in her past. Of course, she couldn’t simply turn to the lesbian and tell her to stop starring, because who knows what could have happened next.

so is this really a “cripes” emergency, or are you just moving to your blogspot location and if so – why not just say so?

The stunning bravery of conservatives underwhelms me. The stunning bullshit goes on and on.

Nobody, but nobody hits on other people in martial arts classes for a simple reason. You rely on those other people to pull punches and back off on holds at appropriate times so as not to rip your tendons out or break bones you might be fond of having intact.

She’s probably upset that she didn’t get her pie serviced at the time. Isn’t that the source of most of this pearls clutching? “But nobody will play with ME!!!”

Same thing happened to Tucker Carlson in a public toilet.Somebody looked at him like he was a naked girl. He went a got a friend and beat the guy up. So says Tucker.

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