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…or, at least, a new blog.


Yes, our old pal capmconnundrum (who kindly presented us with the above photo during the Presidential campaign) has started his own blog, and his Grand Opening party includes some lovely Samhainocentric media clips from those bygone days when a cheap monster movie had no blood, and not much of a monster, and it starred Marshall Thompson, and we liked it that way!  Drop by and say Boo.

5 Responses to “On This Night of Death Rises… Unholy Life!”

Off to a good start, cap, and that brings me to the glory days of erstwhile neighbor RKO, and…

Val Lewton.

“Cat People” on TCM at 2pm pacific today, followed by “Curse of the Cat People.”


Made for about twenty bucks each, and just unbelievably stylish and effective filmmaking.

Thanks :^)

Huge Val Lewton fan! “I Walked With a Zombie” “The Seventh Victim” As you say, unbelievably stylish and effective.

I’ve had it on TCM all day (except for brief forays over to AMC to get, er, bits and pieces of “Night of the Living Dead”). My neighborhood is one of those that gets trick-or-treaters by the truckload, so we get pretty fully in the spirit. It’s great weather and a full moon tonight too – perfect!

Welcome to blogworld, Cap!

Last night we went to Davies Symphony Hall in SF to see a restored print of Murnau’s Nosferatu accompanied by two Foley artists and a humungous pipe organ. When that famous scene of Max Shreck’s shadow ascending the stairs came up, I suddenly remembered the above McCain photoshop and burst into uncontrollable giggles.

I loved the Shaggs, capm – you can’t fake that kind of talent! Reminded me of the sainted Florence Foster Jenkins.

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