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Over at Firedoglake, Watertiger has a piece (if you’ll pardon the expression) on a Republican whore who isn’t named Giles, and theorizes that the GOP’s frequent intercourse with the world’s oldest profession (whether the relationship be paternal or purely business) stems from demonic Candy Corn, harvested by undocumented incubi and personally shucked by the loving, if scaly hands of Satan himself.

According to Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network:

“During this period demons are assigned against those who participate in the rituals and festivities. These demons are automatically drawn to the fetishes that open doors for them to come into the lives of human beings. For example, most of the candy sold during this season has been dedicated and prayed over by witches.”

While I don’t doubt the Reverend Mr. Robertson’s conclusion, which I’m sure is the result of much thorough and toilsome research, this scenario raises the question of logistics.  Does the candy manufacturer maintain witches on staff to pray over each batch before it’s bagged and boxed for shipment?  Or is this the responsibility of the shipper, in which case, long haul truckers would be obliged to carry witches in their sleeper cabs every Autumn, tasked with praying over the reefer as they barrel down I-95.  And if so, these would naturally have to be Teamster witches — or warlocks, actually, since even today over 70% of the Black Arts practitioners in the trucking industry are men — which is just another blatant example of union featherbedding.

Of course, the Department of Transportation might well prohibit the reverse-transubstantiation of nougat in a moving vehicle, so it’s possible that witches are forced to just stand on freeway overpasses and shout diabolical incantations at passing big rigs full of Whitman Samplers.

If the candy is not demonically sanctified in transit, however, then one must assume that the major retailers — your Costcos and Wal-Marts — employ sorcerers on the loading dock to consecrate each pallet of Bite-Sized Snickers to the greater glory of Beelzebub while it’s still on the forklift.  If not, then Satan’s last line of defense would be the clerks who stock the shelves, and judging by the picked-over and completely non-hellish candy display at my local Target, the Archfiend can’t be looking forward to a bumper crop of souls this season.

Apparently CBN has taken down their story about Black Sabbaths for Black Cows, but there’s plenty more holiday alarmism to be found on their site, including a piece that traces familiar Halloween traditions to their pagan roots.  Which is all well and good, but how come when Christmas rolls around, these same folks never seem equally keen on illuminating the pagan origins of our Yuletide customs?  To say nothing of Easter.  In fact, Christianity has synthesized, and outright plagiarized, so many of its rites from paganism that it reminds me of the way Pat Boone ripped off Black music in the Fifties.  I guess that’s why he’s such an effective lobbyist for Big Christ.

Anyway, let’s raise our chalices fashioned from human skulls, and brimming with blood (although I’ve actually just mixed a little Crystal Lite in with some 2% plasma in mine, since my doctor told me I really need to reduce my cholesterol) and drink a toast…!

Happy Halloween, everyone.

114 Responses to “Happy Samhain From Fanny Farmer, Licensed Succubus”

These demons are automatically drawn to the fetishes that open doors for them to come into the lives of human beings.

I remember her now! Before she dropped out of my satanic engineering school, she borrowed my copy of “Design of Automatic Demon Control Systems” and never returned it. I’d paid $46 and a bucket of blood for that book, used!

For example, most of the candy sold during this season has been dedicated and prayed over by witches.

But it’s still creamy nougat?

Whew, I have much to consider.

I once received a packet of “sen-sen” while trick or treating in 1960, and have no regret whatsoever in burning the house to the ground.

There may or may not have been humans, but I’ll tell you one thing boy, the world was spared a great deal of sen-sen that day.

I was at the local Target just today, & it was picked over. Not Hellish, but Purgatory could give it a run for its money. (They were out of what I came for, of course.)

By the way, if your familiars haven’t yet clawed your eyes out, minimum, PETA’s bound to be on their speed-dials. Either way, you’ll burn in creamy nougat for all eternity for the crime of animal dress-up performed there.

Or drown in creamy nougat for eternity, to keep the metaphor in one piece.

Bottoms up!

She’s just quoting a Chick Tract. Sad, isn’t it. Who the fuck has time, on their major holy day, to go around cursing candy on the off chance that someone will eat it and start worshiping a god you don’t even believe in? Christians worry me, they really do. Is this projection? Maybe this is what they get up to on Easter.

Anyway, the candy in the bowl by my door has not been prayed over by anyone as far as I know, but I can’t make any promises about the spiders-and-pumpkins jacks sets or the Hello Kitty stickers. (A white cat in a black cat costume? Something sinister going on there, I feel.) And I forgot to get quarters, so if you’ve got a UNICEF box just let me know and we’ll mug my partner, who usually has some decent cash.

I gotta go do some fake spiderwebs, so happy Halloween, blessed Samhain, or just yummy candy to all. You guys are my every day treat, thanks!

It should be proof enough that the US health care system is hopelessly flawed that people like Pat Robertson are free to roam the streets making insensible ranthings rather than getting the psychological care they need.

BTW, I’m jealous of your succubus there. Why do I end up with the bald purple one with the wings and the fangs? And the six breasts. I’ve never been a breast woman, really.

Even those of us *with* health insurance are probably proof the system is hopelessly flawed.

Anyone want cupcakes or roasted pumpkin seeds?

Me, me! I do, I do! But only if they’re prayed over, dammit.

Scott, I think that picture of poor Riley being strangled will haunt me through this Halloween and next! Moondoggie, though, seems to be tolerant, if barely.

We live rural so there are never any trick or treaters, therefore all the candy is for ME, ME, ME! Woo hoo! I’m especially liking the combo of candy corn and peanuts…tastes like a PayDay eaten together.
Oh and the Rocky Horror movie tonight. And Young Frankenstein! Yah!

My black kitty has an orange pumpkin collar on and he’s looking particularly cute but he’s a kitten so therefore still a little shit. I’m gonna tell him so as soon as he comes down off the curtains.

Happy Halloween all!

Then he got into the boat and his disciples followed him.

Without warning, a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping.

The disciples went and woke him, saying, “Lord, save us! We’re going to drown!”

He replied, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm.

The men were amazed and asked, “What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!”

When he arrived at the other side in the region of the Gadarenes, two demon-possessed men coming from the tombs met him. They were so violent that no one could pass that way.

“What do you want with us, Son of God?” they shouted. “Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time?”

Some distance from them a large herd of pigs was feeding.

The demons begged Jesus, “If you drive us out, send us into the herd of pigs.”

He said to them, “Go!” So they came out and went into the pigs, and the whole herd rushed down the steep bank into the lake and died in the water.

Those tending the pigs ran off, went into the town and reported all this, including what had happened to the demon-possessed men.

Then the whole town went out to meet Jesus. And when they saw him, they pleaded with him to leave their region.

and the point is? do we need to find a steep bank and a lake for you Allen?

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.”

Proverbs 14:12

The point is Christ knows how to deal with our demons if we will let him. He knows how to calm our storms, if we will let him.

Yeah, I’ll stick with the drugs, thanks. I’ve been fucking exorcised and it never did any good.

On the plus side, I believe I’ve found our virgin. Someone draw me a circle while I light the candles. Salt’s in the cupboard, well, technically, every cupboard. Can’t miss it.

OK Alan, we all know you worship the zombie* that ate your brain and you feel insecure since it was barely an hors d’oeuvre. consequently you’re out here trying to round up more. sorry, but most of us know the rules. cardio, double tap, etc. maybe you should spend more time in public bathrooms for those that forgot #2

*dead, buried, comes back to “life.” how else you going to explain it? for every book you got that says miracle I got one that says zombie.

Every word I’ve posted here is original, and where I’ve quoted someone I’ve attributed or provided the link, or provided the scriptural address.

So much bullshit.

Apart from that, happy halloween, blog people!

A secular humanist and an atheist: one drunk helping another drunk stumble around in the dark, never finding home.”

Niels G.

Matthew 8, sorry.

Allan copies and pastes, like a good little sheep: “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.”

Uh, so the way that seems wrong is the correct path? Or, the way that seems right should be avoided in favor of making no decision whatsoever?

Allan, you are such a fucking moron.

Oh wow, it’s a Bible quote??? Here I thought Allan Erickson was quoting a roleplaying game supplement! Boy is my face red!!

By way of reminder, Allan, God hates liars, and in fact commandmented on it, and I hear he gets all smitey when you fuck with his commandments.

Just sayin’.

Yup, by golly, the way that seems wrong turns out to be the right way. No confidence in the flesh or the ‘wisdom’ of man. If nothing else, history should teach us the ‘wisdom’ of man is a dismal failure. Yup, by golly, God hates a lotta stuff. Hates evil and death the most. That’s why he sent his Son to take the death penalty for us, to conquer evil and death and save us from ourselves. Looks like he has a lotta work to do.

to take the death penalty for us

of course, in the original zombie it comes out more like “urrr urrr gurgle glug” but the end result’s the same

It was always thrust upon me that Jeebus died for me….I never asked him to & I resent that I’m supposed to be grateful. Fear & guilt, fear & guilt. Is there nothing else Xtianity knows how to use to get people to comply?


The truth is people told God to stick it in his ear, they were going to run the show. It is hardly fair to blame God for the depravity of humankind. In his love and mercy, he is trying to save us. Is it his fault we are willful, rebellious, murderous, evil little nematodes filled with hate and bitterness? In reality, he is trying to free us from fear and guilt, but he doesn’t force anyone. He only invites us. After all, being God, he knows best.

It may help if I share what someone once shared with me. It has to do with justice. God is perfect. He cannot contradict himself, nor will he contradict perfect justice. We took the bait, ate the apple, signed up for Satan’s party, and willingly became sinner. That was our responsibility. Perfect justice demands, like Satan, we pay the price. Wages of sin=death. However, perfect love demands grace and mercy. The Father, in wrath, points to the death penalty: perfect justice. The Holy Spirit, invoking the law of love, points to grace and mercy, acknowledging perfect justice as well. THE SON STEPS FORWARD TO FULFILL BOTH THE PERFECT LAWS OF JUSTICE AND MERCY SAYING, “I’LL GO DOWN AND TAKE THE DEATH PENALTY FOR THEM, FULFILLING PERFECT JUSTICE, SO THAT THE LAW OF LOVE CAN PREVAIL.

It’s each person’s choice. Do you want to live under the law of love, in grace, enjoying mercy, covered by the Son, or would you rather live under the law of justice, without the covering of the Son, suffering the wrath of judgment?

Seems to me you guys quoting a 2,000 year old book that has suffered through many modifications/translations/political restructurings are the ones who are so damned sure you know what’s best for everyone, and that comes from your human head, unless of course you’re hearing voices in yours telling you this stuff, at which point what Michael had to say above before you started today’s copypasteing frenzy applies double in your case.

Go find someplace else to haunt, no one here buys your bullshit. At this point you’re just a handy pinyata, and not a very able one at that.

Reject Christ if you will, but in the end, don’t bellyache about the consequences.

What did Christ say about the Scripture? What do scholars say?





The Steve Harvey introduction is especially good.

Stick it in YOUR ear Al baby.

He cannot contradict himself,

speaking of, you never answered the question I posed Monday about his being able to create a rock that’s so heavy he can’t move it, but as is typical of your debate style you came back with insults, forgetting the part in your fanfic you cling to (Whoever Says “You Fool!”
Shall Be in Danger of Hell Fire
-Matthew 5:22)

guess expecting any consistency from you is pointless

Thanks,preznit giv me turkee, for the zombie imagery; I’m sure I’ll use it when talking to xians in the future.

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.” :”Sure there is a catch,” Doc Daneeka replied. “Catch-22. Anyone who wants to get out of combat duty isn’t really crazy.”
-J Heller


Yes, heard that one about God and the big rock about 35 years ago, and I did answer before, with the best answer I’ve heard in 35 years:

God doesn’t answer stupid questions.

I know it’s best not to feed the troll…but why is it that those who believe in some shiny hereafter try so hard to make the herenow so uncomfortable? What does their religion have to do with me? The Holy Zombie said something ? So what?! Hellfire and damnation? Keep your mythology to yourself! Truth of “the Word”? Bullshit!

I’m an American. I’m proud of the Constitution and think it’s a swell document; god is mentioned in it exactly NEVER! Yeah, yeah: even douchebags have freedom of speech. So do I! Allan Erickson: if the douchebag fits….


Full text- Matthew 5:22

22But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother[a]will be subject to judgment. Again, anyone who says to his brother, ‘Raca,[b]‘ is answerable to the Sanhedrin. But anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell.

Please give us your interpretation of this passage.

There are more horse’s asses than there are horses.


You are running out of paint and floor space.

Matt. 12:36

“But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken.”

You are running out of paint and floor space.

…lucky you – just think if you were running out of floor space and NOT out of paint, what then, eh?

Exodus 22:18

“Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”

Please give us your interpretation of this passage.

well, Alan, since your only response has been trying to insult me as the answer to any of the queries I’ve posted to you, I’ll leave the interpretation to you.

however, I resent your invective against the fine folks over here, who have provided me many laughs over the years. your behaviour has been similar to someone who starts off in a Darth Vader outfit with their johnson hanging out strutting around their mom’s basement who then ups the ante to parading up and down their cul-de-sac. while there are laws against such, as long as the neighbors don’t mind and no children or animals were harmed it’s “no harm, no foul” in my book. when Scott first stumbled upon your postings, he pointed them out to us, much as someone driving past your cul-de-sac might drive past for a second look and then tell their friends about it afterwards. you’ve taken his actions as an “attack” and then decided to pull your act on Main street, then become upset when you are mocked even more. needless to say, your ability to turn the other cheek is a bit lacking and perhaps there’s another prison ministry, soup kitchen or such where you could “have done [it] unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done [it] unto me.” -Mat 25:40


OT, old dispensation: laws applicable only to ancient Hebrews for specific reasons, akin to the commandment not to marry women from other cultures. Has to be understood in the context of God calling out his chosen people and setting them aside for his purposes, including their establishment of righteousness on earth so that eventually all people might be gathered into his rest, all those who voluntarily respond that is.

To understand, “witch” requires a word study of “sorceress,” and these cross references would help, along with a Strong’s Concordance.


Sorceresses and mediums et. al lead people away from the one true God, plants of the enemy, emissaries of evil.


Resent what you like. You guys brought it. You guys are the invective specialists. Can’t stand the heat, get out the kitchen.

Yup, by golly, the way that seems wrong turns out to be the right way. No confidence in the flesh or the ‘wisdom’ of man.

Uh huh. Sooooo, if a little voice in your head tells you to load up a high powered rifle and start picking off random civilians from a bell tower, you should ignore the rational thought that says this would be wrong.

Allan, please show everything you’ve written here to your neighbors. It’s not that they need to be wised up on the lawd’s mysterious ways, it’s just that they really need to be aware of your beliefs so they’ll know where to send the cops when the UPS guy suddenly turns up missing.


Either way, he’s in the corner. Duh. There’s plenty of room for you, and for preznit. He would be the one on the stool wearing the pointy hat.

… plants of the enemy, emissaries of evil.

Candy dedicators!

OT, old dispensation: laws applicable only to ancient Hebrews for specific reasons, akin to the commandment not to marry women from other cultures.

so does that apply to teh gays as well? and if not, then why not?


You’ve heard of the Chinese finger puzzle? The harder you struggle, the tighter the squeeze, making escape impossible. Your posts brought that to mind for some reason.

If you really want to cross swords, very well.

What informs you it would be wrong to simply go out and shoot somebody?

Your conscience?

Is that the little voice you reference?

Where does the moral code come from?

Why would anyone agree to this or that moral code? Why should we have confidence in one moral code, preferring it to another?

The secularist and the atheist have said human life in the womb is not human life and can be terminated at the whim of the mother. Viability rules the day. Why then should we care about the 99 year old grandmother who can no longer speak or move? She is disposable too, isn’t she? Not viable. Same standard. Same moral code.

The native in New Guinea or Equador lives in a culture where spearing another is considered normal behavior, even honorable among warriors. In New Guinea you receive special honor for killing having first deceived your victim into believe you a friend.

Who is to say these people are wrong, breaking a moral code?

Indeed some would say they have a more consistent code than we do. We allow for the killing of an unborn child through full gestation, even stabbing he child in the brain once most of its body is delivered. Not a crime. But let that child be delivered all the way, and if it lives, but you kill it subsequently, that is a crime. Kill a pregnant woman and her unborn child and you will be prosecuted for two murders, unless she asked you to kick her in the stomach, resulting in the death of the child, then no one gets prosecuted.

The native, compared to our modern ‘human wisdom,’ would seem superior, at least insofar as consistency is concerned.

Most civilized people understand that morality is either an agreed upon social code (subject to variability and therefore not really a reliable code at all), or morality is a transcendent code (not subject to variability, and therefore highly reliable and considered truth).

Transcendent moral authority, what we call a set of absolutes, instill confidence the social contract will hold up.

Variable moral authority, relativism, provides the slippery slope almost assuring the contract will be broken.

I leave it to you to decide the better course.

My UPS delivery man is quite safe.

I fear for yours.

He would be the one on the stool wearing the pointy hat.

whew, for a second I thought he was going to call me a poopy-head

Reject Christ if you will, but in the end, don’t bellyache about the consequences.

Okay. I’m down with that. If I promise not to bitch should I by some chance end up in hell as you expect rather than reincarnated as I expect, will you stop trying to convert me until then?


Are we Hebrews living in the days of the OT?

Do we stone adulterers? Is adultery nonetheless a violation of the moral code?

Did Jesus redeem the prostitute?
“You who are without sin, cast the first stone.”

Gays don’t fare well in Tehran. Ask Ahmadinejad.

My UPS delivery man is quite safe.

(as long as he doesn’t try to follow your train of “thought”)

Six days shall work be done, but the seventh day is a sabbath of solemn rest, holy to the Lord; whoever does any work on the sabbath day shall be put to death.

Exodus 31:15

D. Sidhe,

My job is to do the bidding of my Master. He says,”Preach the good news, compel them to come home.” I can do no other. Every sinner that comes home, causes a million angels to rejoice, and every sinner who says no, breaks the Savior’s heart.


Same deal. OT, old dispensation. Laws for ancient Hebrews for specific reasons. One thing is for sure, I’m glad I live under this new dispensation. That Old Old time religion was rugged stuff. I think God was forced to take strong stands and dramatically demonstrate how serious he is, given the pervasive evil of the day. Just an opinion.

My job is to do the bidding of my Master

dude, did you forget your safe word?
try “Mizrahi”

As for a man who is factious, after admonishing him once or twice, have nothing more to do with him, knowing that such a person is perverted and sinful; he is self-condemned.

Letter of Paul to Titus, 3:10-11

Ohhhh for cripes sake. He’s got a persecution AND a messiah complex.

This guy thinks he’s over here saving souls. In his disfuntional mind, if you engage him, then he’s “saving your soul”.

Time to disengage. He’s an attention whore masquerading as a preacher. He gets no attention at his blog, so he comes here for it.

Time to starve him, ladies and gentlemen.

Are we Hebrews living in the days of the OT?

considering that the strictures against homosexuality were in the same section as the ones against eating shellfish and not wearing blended fabric I’d say it was more of a plan to get more baby Hebrews. the fact that you think it’s icky should hold about as much water as me not liking to wear poly/cotton blends


RE: Titus, 3:10-11

Precisely, that’s why I’m ignoring preznit and ckc from now on, and a few others.

Time to starve him, ladies and gentlemen

yeah, the goat’s pretty much been gummed to pieces


There is only One who saves souls, and it’s not me.

[N]o human being can tame the tongue–a restless evil, full of deadly poison. With it we bless the Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who are made in the likeness of God. From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brethren, this ought not to be so. Does a spring pour forth from the same opening fresh water and brackish? Can a fig tree, my brethren, yield olives, or a grapevine figs? No more can salt water yield fresh.

Letter of James 3: 8-12

Allan, you’re the worst party clown we’ve ever hired. I’m sorry, but I’m stopping the check and your agency shall hear from us, as soon as we’ve pulled your drunken slumbering ass from the flower bed and called you a cab.

Chris, if you’re not careful I’ll make you re-upholster the goat for the next time we dangle it for the trolls


Doghouse posts James 3:8-12.

Immediately following: Chris with his latest demonstration of how he courteously avoids personal attacks.

And you say there is no God!

There isn’t. God is a popular fairy-tale, Jesus was just some preacher, the Bible is a collection of a shepherd culture’s mythology tales with some guy’s personal correspondence to fellow mystery cult members tacked on the end, and fractured history, and souls are a relic of pre-neurology thinking.

The truth will set you free!

Dear Mr. The Chairman:

Thanks for setting us straight, and then quoting Jesus!

John 8

I love this blog!

Thanks, Mary!

Uh, is anyone else really really turned on by Doghouse right now? Moreso than usual, I mean.

Smart is sexy, I guess.

Immediately following: Chris with his latest demonstration of how he courteously avoids personal attacks.

[laughing] Sorry, but I’m unable to shake the image of a dimwitted godbothering wingnut staring at the screen in disbelief, saying “I can’t help but feel that that was directed at me.”

Allan, you are Christendom’s Premier Fucking Fool. Congratulations!

courteously avoiding personal attacks = “there is a god”??

…your bar’s set pretty low.

Cab’s here, Allan. Here’s your hat. No, don’t mind the vomit on your shoes, the cabbie’s used to it. In you go, Chief!

God doesn’t answer stupid questions.

Let us pray.

Dear Lord, You are so Big!

There are some who deny Your bigness and power, who follow their father Satan when they lie and say you do not do stuff.

For as Your almost-as-big Son said, “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” And so we humbly pray, ready to receive your answer to the stupid question about the rock, and yea, unto all stupid questions that your servants may ask.

Also, we are each ready to receive $10 million.

In the name of Your Son, who would totally forgive and hang out with the blessed whore Giles. Amen.

…you better watch out, or he’ll start ignoring you, too

Better a fool for Christ than a drone for the devil.

Happy All Saints Day!

…not much of a choice, but whatever

So, back in OT days it was morally right to kill a fortune teller, and nowadays it’s morally wrong to kill a fortune teller. According to God’s laws, which of course are not subject to variability, that is.

Allan writes: Happy All Saints Day!

Thank you, Allan (it’s also known as “ChrisV’s birthday” among the godless).

Happy birthday, Chris! I’m pretty far from godless, but I’m pleased to let it be known as “ChrisV’s birthday”. I’m also happy we’re seeing more of you here lately. I have cupcakes. They have little spiders on them, but I’m guessing you’re kind of used to that by now.

Here’s wishing you the kind of day you deserve: everything goes right, the day is filled with joy and contentment, people remind you how important you are, and a supermodel turns up to offer you a footrub. Or, you know, whatever.

This goes back to the phenomenon at work, when people do not understand something they think it’s easy. In this case, Pat Robertson thinks witchcraft is easy. I’m a software engineer and I’m expected to wave my wand to speed things up as well.

I guess the Christian magic isn’t strong enough to bless the children on that day. And I know we’ve heard countless stories of children eating magically cursed candy….

Happy Halloween late.

happy birthday Chris


Understanding is hard work.

Allan Erickson:

Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. – Matt 5:17-18

This doctrine of dispensations is heretical rationalizing, a direct affront to the plain word of Jesus. Repent!


It’s a little more complicated than that.


Your source quotes only Paul, a fraud who converted to corrupt and control the true church. The word of Jesus, the living God, surely takes precedence over that of a man. Jesus never spoke of dispensations. Dispensationalism is a lie, invented by ‘progressive’ elements in the church to excuse their backsliding into sin.


I see from your blog you are another individual unworthy of serious consideration when it comes to spiritual matters, among those more offended by copy ‘n paste, or thread etiquette and block quotes, than you are infanticide. Why am I not surprised?

Your purpose is obviously ridicule, the lowest form of engagement.

Titus 3:10

FYI: Christ concerning the Scripture.

The words of the Master . . .

Matthew 5:17-18 (and the dire warning in verse 19)
Matthew 22:29
Matthew 22:31-32
Matthew 26:54, 56
Mark 7:8-13 (note verse 20 re: sexual immorality)
Mark 12:35-37

Luke 4:3-12
Luke 4:17-21 Time & place he first declared his deity
Luke 16:17
John 7:38
John 10:35

Concerning the New Testament that would be written after his death—the authority of the apostles’ witness:

Matthew 10:14-15, 40 (another warning)
Luke 24:48, 49
John 13:20
John 14:26
John 15:27
John 16:13-15
Acts 1:8
Ephesians 2:20-22
Hebrews 2:3-4
2 Peter 3:2
2 Peter 3:15-16 (another warning)
Revelation 22:18-19 (the ultimate warning)

So, back in OT days it was morally right to kill a fortune teller

heh. I actually read that with OT meaning, “Off Topic”.


At various times, the death penalty has applied to various crimes in many cultures. The obvious focus by many here to attempt to discredit the Judeo-Christian traditional alone reveals bigotry. Why no outrage expressed about honor killings of Muslim women right down the street from you here in America? In those instances there isn’t even an attempt at due process. Oh, but perhaps I ask too much, expecting a little logic, reason and knowledge base applied without prejudice.

Why no outrage expressed about honor killings of Muslim women…

…it’s only polite to wait for the Muslim fundamentalist idiot troll

Aren’t Catholic’s lucky that Jesus was crucified instead of beheaded? Otherwise they’d be wearing little axes on chains around their necks, and Jesus would be carrying his head around like St. Denis:


Equally lucky that he wasn’t hanged, or Catholics would be making the Sign of the Noose instead of crossing themselves.

There is nothing remotely ironic about a proponent of a religion that spent the better part of three centuries killing women for being witches condemning another religion that kills women for being sluts.

As a queer pagan feminist, I am duly put in my place with regard to my apparent insufficient empathy toward my own gender.

Why no outrage expressed about honor killings of Muslim women…

…it’s only polite to wait for the Muslim fundamentalist idiot troll.”

Excellent, ckc!

(hint to A.E. should you still be around: don’t draw Doghouse Riley into debate. Not that I think he’d be drawn.)

D. Sidhe,

If you think aberration is comparable to tradition, I can’t help you.


Who beheaded you?

Li’l Innocent is easily impressed.

On purpose or not, Doghouse contributed mightily!

Back to the candy thing: if I interpret the somewhat odd phraseology aright, candy is a “fetish” that allows demons to enter – via the alimentary canal, does the writer mean? If so, why should the demons and witches wait till Hallowe’en? Why not just infest McDonald’s, Roy Rogers, et al year-round?

I once went to a Roy Rogers on the NJ Turnpike, driven by hunger and ignorance. It was all there was, and I’d never been to one before. It was early July, but now I think about it, Satanic influence is a good explanation for that food.

Well, A.E., to paraphrase Sir Isaac Newton (on the subject of astrology, actually, which just goes to show you that the human mind is a slippy-slidey sort of thing): “I have made a fairly lengthy study of Mr. Riley’s writings, sir, and you have not.”

Or if you have, I should be very, very surprised.

Li’l: My experience with Roy Rogers (the franchise, not the King of the Cowboys) also occurred on the NJ Turnpike. I remember staring at the wilted and congealed toppings and condiments at the Fixin’s Barf — sorry, Bar — and thinking, “They shouldn’t encourage drunk driving by placing food you’d only eat while drunk in a place you can only reach by driving.” But then, I think MADD should agitate to shut down White Castle drive-thru’s for the same reason.

Aren’t Catholics lucky that Jesus was crucified instead of beheaded? Otherwise they’d be wearing little axes on chains around their necks,…

My great-uncle Keith built a little prep school on Santa Catalina Island back in the twenties, called the Catalina Island School for Boys, and students wore on class ring and navy blazer pocket alike the school’s cheerily iconic emblem:

That’s right, a Catherine Wheel.

wonder if went there

Pat Robertson vs. Larry Flynt debating about prostitution on radio show.

I haven’t had a White Castle (you originally from the vicinity of Gomorrah-on-the-Hudson, Scott?) since I was 11 yrs old, out for a Sat. afternoon of horror/space/western/whatevah flicks with my buds at one of the cinemas of North Bergen, NJ.

Are White Castles that bad now? But maybe they were then, too. What did we know in those dim days? We used to go trick-or-treating unsupervised, razor blades and demons not at that time having entered the Hallowe’en zeitgeist. Besides, when you’re 11, you’ll eat anything. Devil Dogs, Pez, little wax bottles with ultra-syrupy phlegm inside…

But ignorance and childhood are no excuse for that RR on the NJ Turnpike. It was only 5 yrs ago or so that I saw many, many entire families, 3 generations some of ‘em, gobbling traysfull under the baleful Influence.

I was born in LA, actually, but I spent a good five years living in Alphabet City, working in advertising (sadly, by the time I came on the scene, a full bar was no longer standard office equipment) and writing plays.

Ascribing atrocities to Christ and his disciples: false attribution error.

Hitler said he was a Christian.

Scott. Whose next on your Catherine Wheel? Mother Teresa?

Speaking of atrocities, remember a year ago, the soul of the Hollywood Left revealed:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – An effigy of U.S. Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin hanging by a noose as part of a Halloween display drew complaints on Monday, but local officials said the homeowner was covered by free speech rights.

[persistent little bugger, isn't he?]

After days of community outrage, Chad Michael Morrisette, a professional window display designer, took down the mannequin.

However, Mr. Morrisette has kept the two effigies on the roof of his house for several days and took them down only after West Hollywood Mayor Jeffrey Prang talked with him and his partner personally. Morrisette and his partner invited Mayor Prang into their home for a “heart-to-heart” about their house decorations for Halloween.

Nevertheless, the effigies of Palin and McCain did bother a lot of people. About six of them went to the home and held up light blue sheets so the passing drivers couldn’t see the offensive decorations. When the two inhabitants of the house asked the six people why are they doing that, they answered that, although they respect them as artists, they are concerned about the fact that the mock-up dolls might have a very bad effect on the community.

WeHo–we police our own. Too bad the teabaggers can’t say the same.

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Besides, when you’re 11, you’ll eat anything. Devil Dogs, Pez, little wax bottles with ultra-syrupy phlegm inside…

I’m originally from Jackson, NJ (if you’ve been to Six Flags Great Adventure, you’ve been to my hometown). I fuckin’ loved devil dogs. Imagine my sorrow when I discovered they don’t have them in the Bay Area when I moved here. I still whine about it to my husband, and I’ve lived here 8 years now. :(

Don’t feed the troll. The troll has an endless supply of mana from the sky and it doesn’t need our handouts.

I don’t see this blog post as an opportunity to discuss religion or religious ideas but rather a comment on Pat Robertson’s nutty belief in witchcraft.

Psst. Seth? Witchcraft technically is religious. I know what you’re getting at, but “nutty belief *about* witchcraft” works better.

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