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Dateline: The Grove! Store: Barnes and Nobles! Why: A fictional TV character wrote a book! Who: Nathan Fillion!

How:  First off, you need to know a secret about me.  I’m a geek.  I know it comes as a shock, but there it is.  Part of being a geek is loving you some Joss Whedon.  And (if you’re a geek like me) you are a huge fan of Joss Whedon’s Firefly and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.  And (if you’re a geek and a girl like me) you have a huge crush on Nathan Fillion (Firefly’s Malcolm Reynolds and Dr. Horrible’s Capt. Hammer). And if you have a huge crush on Nathan Fillion, you watch ABCs Castle every Monday at 10 pm.


So. Castle.  It’s a lighthearted procedural crime show, in which Nathan Fillion plays famous crime novelist, Richard Castle.  To promote the show, ABC decided to put out an actual mystery novel written by the fictitious Richard Castle.  And to promote the heck out of it, ABC decided to have Nathan Fillion go to bookstores and autograph the novels written by his fictitious character from the show.

I got to go to one of those signings.  It. Was. AWESOME!

He is every bit as hunky, handsome, and charming as you might imagine him to be!  He’s a sharp dresser and tells great stories about the HIGHlarious hi-jinx which occur on the set of a TV series.

Once he had talked a bit about the show, and answered many questions posed by adoring fans, it was time for him to sign the books his fictional character wrote.  (I should point out that the book is more of an ultra slim novella, and it’s a total “Mary Sue” about Richard Castle writing himself into his own story, and as Scott remarked, is the sort of thing that should come from a Happy Meal rather than a book store.  Anyway…)

I waited in line and once I got to the signing table, I made sure to let him know how talented I thought he was, how much I enjoyed the show, and how much I enjoyed his work in the past.  I also gave him a very rare signed edition of Better Living Through Bad Movies! (If you don’t have one, you should buy one!  Nathan Fillion has one, and he’s super cool. So be cool like him, and get !)

He accepted the book and signed the fake novel by the made-up author, and then shook my hand, thanking me for coming and for being a fan.

And here’s where the tale turns tragic.  You see, the next morning I woke up deathly ill.  Fever, cold symptoms, and vomiting.

I had Swine Flu.

And, because I shook his hand, Nathan Fillion — and now probably the entire cast of Castle – also has Swine Flu.

Sorry about that, Nathan. My bad.  Get well soon!

13 Responses to “The Hollywood Report, Or How I Killed Off ABC’s Monday Night Lineup…”

Well, that sucks. Not the getting-to-see-the-guy-who-makes-you-squee part, but the swine flu part. I hope you feel better, and don’t share it with Scott. Unless he gave it to you in the first place, in which case you should probably steal all the good facial tissues.

Hey, well, maybe it was the other way around…check with other people who shook Nathan’s hand. Not intentional, of course.

My Husb. has all the seasons of “Firefly” but I admit I can’t make any sense of the series. Or am I confusing it with Andromeda? No, that had Hercules actor, somebody-somebody. I remember because my Physical therapist looked just like him. It was really distracting, ‘specially when he massaged my leg.
-um, well. Right: Firefly.

Oh, maryc, I squee with thee! How remarkably cool!

I am so so sorry about the swine flu part. Get well soon, and in the meantime, may Captain Reynolds frequent your fever dreams.

I do not have any sort of flu – yet – so I know I am totally asking for it when I say – only partly in jest – that if Nathan Fillion has it, I want it.

Oh, and also, I do already have a copy of Better Living…, so I should probably carry it around with me in case Mr. Fillion does a book signing near me. Hmmm. Is there any reality in which a Dr. Horrible’s Better Living Through Bad Movies Singalong could exist?

Is there any reality in which a Dr. Horrible’s Better Living Through Bad Movies Singalong could exist?


If you kill Nathan Fillion, I will avoid your blog for weeks. WEEKS, I tell you!!

The Alamo Draft House is the main reason I regret never having visited Austin.

Just saw Nathan on the set (we’re doing ep 15 and 21 tonight) and punched him in the nose for giving you the swine flu. Just as I expected, he claimed to not know what I was talking about, which, well, pretty much buttons up that, you know, I mean, tcha, if he’s got nothing to hide, why is he denying it, you know?

Gotta go, the director wants to talk to me and my boss is on the cellphone, jeez it’s always something with these guys.

Hope you feel better soon, Mary.
And a reminder-you don’t have to a girl to crush on Nathan Fillian. A geeky gay boy like can have a crush on him too! I love that, on last week’s Halloween ep, Castle was dressed like Capt. Reynolds.

Thanks for the get well’s, all! Probably wasn’t really swine flu, but was nasty enough to take me out for 3 days. (at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, should I ever be questioned by the authorities…)

And Bill, you are right. That was incredibly thoughtless of me. Nathan’s hunkiness reaches out to all the geek guys and gals everywhere!

And how AWESOME was the first minutes of Castle this past week? Did you see the Catalyzer?

He mentioned the “easter egg” at the signing, and added that you had to be a super nerd like him to spot it. That’s when I thought “I bet it’s some little piece from that Out of Gas ep. I’m just not a big enough a geek to remember what it was called. I squeed anyway when I saw it.

Speaking of squeeing, the signing was made all the more fantastic by the fact that we (there were two other ladies in our VIP group) got a photo op with Nathan Fillion. He had his arm around me and everything! I thought about not washing my left side (ala Marcia Brady and her Davy Jones kissed cheek), but I thought better of it, to the relief of all who live with me.

Downside? Horrible pic of me. Much like fiancee Meg of “Tormented” fame, I had my eyes closed and my mouth open. (no smart-alec comments from you guys on that image, please!)

The Alamo Draft House is the main reason I regret never having visited Austin.

if you ever get to rectify the situation let me know

Just saw Nathan on the set (we’re doing ep 15 and 21 tonight)

Waiiiiit a minute! What?! I know someone who gets on the set of CASTLE?!

Think you can get a first grade class in for a “field trip”? ;)

Mary, I was only teasing.

I am Chief of Engineering for 24frame, a behind the behind the scenes guy, and and I rarely see a set, unless there’s something the video operators are struggling with enough to call me into action.

Our hardware and our video operators are on the set of Castle, yes, it’s one of ours, but I’m not, and that is as it should be.

As I attempted to make a joke about with my comment, a crew member punching talent in the face is career suicide:

the director wants to talk to me and my boss is on the cellphone, jeez it’s always something with these guys.

If this incident actually took place I’d simply never work in this industry again.

By the way, I have never seen “Castle”. Is it any good?

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