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Archive for June 19th, 2010

Better Living Through Paranormal Activities!

Posted by Maryc on June 19th, 2010

I was surfing around and happened to stumble upon this ad:


I didn’t actually click on the link, because it might be haunted, but it did make me wonder about the kind of paranormal activities that could change my life — and my afterlife!

1. Dragging ’round the chains you forged in life is a great way of firming your biceps and triceps.

2. Being able to walk through walls means no more waiting behind the velvet ropes at clubs!

3. Haunting: It’s basically like being a paparrazo, but without having to lug around all that heavy, expensive camera equipment.

4. Ghosts lower the temperature in any room they’re in, so no need for the AC on hot days! Ka-Ching!

5. Being able to float will cut your commute time in half!

6. Transmigration of souls is a green alternative to traveling by car.

7. Being Touched by an Angel leads to very ethereal games of Duck Duck Goose.

8. Having an “Out of Body” experience can be used to get out of jury duty.

9. As a ghost, you can talk to Jennifer Love Hewitt whenever you want! (But tell her to SPEAK UP, for the love of god!)

Crap, that’s only nine, and I’m afraid mournful, keening spectres will torment me if I don’t collect the whole set. So what do you guys think? What sort of paranormal activities would change your life forever?