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I received an email from Tucker (“Watch me pull a Babbitt out of my pants!”) Carlson’s Daily Caller this morning, touting what I can only assume is one of those $19.95 per month reality porn sites:

*World O’ Crap is not an affiliate, nor does it endorse, Sarah Palin’s Ruminant Snuff Reels!; we’re just passing it along in case you’re getting bored with your Hentai collection.

16 Responses to “World’s Worst Porn Spam”

I saw the ad for her show on the Science Channel, or maybe the History Channel. Can’t tell them apart- well, actually THC has more science.

Anyway it was pretty appalling. Jeez, wasn’t beating a Halibut to death violent enough for her? Jeez.

Watch Sarah Palin shoot a reindeer

See it tonight on ABC Family Channel’s 25 Days of Christmas!

Don’t forget about that turkey farm she visited back in the day. It’s not just ruminant snuff reels!

Deer hunting should be restricted to bow and arrow, because the deer has a chance to escape, and the hunt is difficult for the hunter.

Not that bored yet, thanks. Why, I’ve just started hyphenating search terms! (“owl-flavor”, “nurse-tentacle”, “demon-postman”, and so on.)

And sure, bow and arrow, but does anyone *really* think Palin would bother to chase down a wounded but not dead animal and put it out of its misery?

Screw that pussy bow and arrow stuff: hunting knives and bike chains. Now that’s entertainment!

What, they ran out of baby harp seals for Palin to club?

Okay, okay, all of these “hunting” suggestions are just silly, because Palin really should get to choose the weapon that she wants to use.

Based on past performance, that would be the “Tard-Mob”.

No, no. She should just use her teeth to tear out the jugular. Also, “manicured claws” for back up.

Look around a little and you can find real hunters (unsurprisingly common on Palin-friendly sites) pointing out all the things in the video that clearly demonstrate she’s lying when she says she’s done a lot of hunting.

Aside from the fact that the beast in question isn’t a reindeer but its cousin the caribou, what happened to Sarah beating that paternalistic socialist Santa Claus to death with a copy of Atlas Shrugged?
I suppose her image mavens demanded that be suppressed. After seeing Sarah use an RPG on Bambi, it’s understandable why they agreed.

This makes it easier for me to explain to the kids why Santa won’t be bringing them any toys this year. “Sorry, guys, Sarah Palin shot Rudolph.”

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
Had a very shiny nose
And so Sarah Palin
Shot it off and his toes…

“Joel, is this what people do on Earth?”
“Guys, I am deeply ashamed of my race right now…”

Next week, Sarah will make a crush video using a kitten dressed as Julian Assange

I’m getting an image of twits firing rifles at rabbits staked to the ground at their feet. Is Sarah going to shoot a fenced in caribou that’s been tethered to a post? According to the Vanity Fair article, Sarah’s hunting prowess is as phony as everything else about her public image.

Am I the only one who thought it was hilarious that they were whispering while she blasts round after round over the apparently deaf caribou’s head?

TomMil, agreed. It’s reminscent of a scene in “The Thing From Another World” in which an explosion knocks humans to the ground but goes unnoticed by the handful of dogs in the scene.

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