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Sorry for the silent running this week.  I’ve been down with a flu bug, and s.z. has apparently gone off the grid.  Hope to get back to regular posting in a day or two.

25 Responses to “Protective Gear Must Be Worn In This Area”

Well, my kid had the flu this week, so I’ve had to be on the Tamiflu thing, too. I’m cleared for sick room entrance, if you need me to bring you anything.

uh oh, I knew I should have sent her a little something to keep Ziggy fed

It’s that damn Vladimir Putin. I just know it.

“gone off the grid?” I hope that’s not code for “in rehab”, though if it is, maybe she can persuade Britney to return. (I swear, if that girl had a nickel for every moronic thing she did…oh wait, she does!)
I hope you get well soon.

The olde english medical dictionary includes a cure for the common cold. Goes like this:

“Nail your hat to the wall opposite the foot of your bed. Return to your bed and drink spirits until you see two hats.”

I’d include, “repeat if necessary”..

Hope you feel better soon…


Hope that you feel better soon, Scott, and holler if there’s anything that I can do to help.

And what, exactly, does “off the grid” mean for S.Z.? ‘Round here, it means that the ‘lectricity has been cut off, and if that’s the case, I’d like to know. I’m a broke-ass motherfucker my damn self, but I might be able to rally the troops (or troupe) to get something done. I hope that, whatever it is, that it’s not as bad as I fear it is, and that she’ll soon be returned to us.

I’m going to be off-the-nets next week, probably for a couple of weeks, because I have to ship my computer off to a friend, in hopes of saving the old thing, and I’d sure as hell like to know that S.Z. is okay before I go dark. If you can get her to holla at a bitch, I’d sure appreciate the hell out of it.

Love to y’all both, and your furry four-legged masters.

I think mikey’s on to a winner, there. And if S.Z.’s computer gave out again, or there’s anything else we can help with, sing out.

Without you guys here, I’d have to resort to bugging the hell out of my housemates. As such, I bet I could get them to chip in a bit for ya, too.

Does the “s.z. is off the grid” comment mean that her unreliable computer is on the fritz again? Should we start a “buy s.z. a Mac funs via the Pay Pal button on the front page? The cheapest iMac, which would be more than enough for s.z.’s requirements is just a tad under a grand. It would likely be usable for 5-8 years, which is 2-5 years longer than the expected lifespan of a generic PC, Plus, it comes with an insanely useful software bundle.
Oh, and recover from your illness, scott! Isn’t it amazing how literally every deathly malady starts with “flu-like symptoms?” Feh!

I can’t tell you how grateful I am that others are as puzzled by the “off the grid” thing as I was. I thought this was another hip thing we old folks were, you know, “in the dark” about.

Missing you. Get better fast.

Say, anyone else having problems accessing Sadly,No! ?

I also can’t get through to dreamhost.com….

Yeah, I can’t get to Sadly, No! I was hoping to read something on Doug Giles’ column about teh gays.

Sadly, Sadly is a NO! for me as well. :(

Sorry for being cryptic. By “off the grid,” I just meant I hadn’t been able to get s.z. on the phone. (But at least I didn’t resist the impulse to blurt that she was “off the chain!” like the chick in Hairy Polarity and the Sinister Sorcery Satire

However, we spoke last night, and it turns out that she’s also been down with the flu, and two of her kitties have some sort of bug as well, so there’s a yellow flag flying over her house at the moment.

As for Sadly, No!…We’re both on Dreamhost, which has announced a series of planned outtages today for maintenance purposes, or maybe just to protest Rinko Kikuchi’s Oscar nomination for Best Relentlessly Nude Girl in a Pointless Subplot in Babel. Anyway, judging by comments, it’s mostly affecting European sites at the moment, but I’m sure we’ll shortly get sucked into the abyss ourselves.

Ok, that made my day. My favorite intert00bz phrase of 2006 was “insufficiently cynical”. I know its not even march yet, but I’m prepared to nominate “Relentlessly Nude” for ’07. Thanks, man…


Just to counterbalance Mikey, I intend to use “relentlessly cynical” and “insufficiently nude” as my favourite real-life phrases.

“Insufficiently nude” is my new phrase, I think. Though I will balance it with “overly nude” in reference to people like Rush Limbaugh, whether he’s wearing a three-piece suit or an apple green thong.

That image notwithstanding, S.Z. and kitties, get well. It’s looking like I’ve got the flu or something, too, so we can all blame Scott. Or else this is just instant karma for having told my sister in law that I was coming down with something as an I-don’t-hold-newborns excuse.

And you guys were offline for most of last night, along with Sadly, No! You’ve done your bit for the tubes, I think.

Just to offer up a third possibility, Doc, I could go with Relentlessly Insufficient and Cynically Nude. But those come frighteningly close to accurately identifying me…


Off the grid? Mercury went retrograde 2/13 and will go direct on 3/7. Electronic gear will behave weirdly until then. Best to laugh it off. Unless you’re truly off the grid and trying to run a computer with solar or windpower with a cell phone DSL uplink, in which case connectivity will always be a crapshoot.

Cure for the flu: Oscillococcinum.

Get well, Scott. As for s.z. being off the grid, I hope this doesn’t mean she’s been erased by the MCP’s henchprogram Sark.

Get well soon, Scott! I wish I could serve you a steaming bowl of my restorative chicken soup. The oldest Biscuitbarrel lad is recovering from having his wisdom teeth out, so it’s a shame you’re so far from Casa Biscuitbarrel… We’re all set up for sick folk.

Come back Scott and s.z.! Come back! We neeeeeeeddd you!!!!

hey! anyone else having trouble getting to Google or their gmail accounts? At home, Google seems to be completely down.

Someone on another blog wondered if it was a TimeWarner connection. That’s what we have at home, and since Google works for me at work, I’m wondering if it’s just TimeWarner customers having the issue?

All of us are just rattling around the toobz aimlessly hoping that you’ll be better soon. We miss you. Hope you feel better soonest — my cats miss hearing stories about your cats.

maryc, dunno if you’re still having Google issues, but here at MarqHQ, I’ve got a ComcastTube, and have had zero probs getting thru to teh Google. Not that I’m necessarily endorsing teh Comcast….

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