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I went with our friend PJ to a screening of The Last Airbender the other night and yes, indeed, it gave me the bends.  So now while I lie helpless in a hyperbaric chamber, trying to steal a bit more of the covers from Michael Jackson’s corpse, Peej has struck back with another of her classic One Minute Movie Reviews.

Click and enjoy the schadenfreude (then scroll down for her learned appreciation of the other Avatar).

3 Responses to “You Know, In Britain, “Bender” Means Something…Else”

Brief pitch to all you movie folk from my partner, who has been going through caffeine withdrawal: West Wing Meets Freaky Friday, starring Adam Sandler as the kid in the body of the president. This will require Adam Sandler to behave in a reasonably adult fashion for about ten minutes, but on the plus side it only means the kid co-star has to be less juvenile than Adam Sandler to be convincing as the president in the body of the kid.

That’s briliant! How quickly can we lock up the rights on that? I foresee many meetings with development executives whose youtfull enthusiasm will only surpassed by their actual youth.

If you wait till Friday evening, it’s all yours. My partner will at that point have gone into a caffeine-deprivation coma, and will never know.

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