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The Hoosier Sage casually plucks the wings off a National Review piece about how CFL bulbs will make our women so unattractive in low light that Americans will stop breeding and commit race suicide.  But first, a few thoughts on the regulatory climate in the business friendly paradise of Indiana:

The shining example was Beer Baronage, the “right” of major (and out-of-state) breweries to designate a single Indiana distributor (by law, state-licensed and incorporated in Indiana, though, so far as I know, none is yet leading a crusade for the state to free them from the odious bonds of running an effective monopoly) for a particular region, allowing him to dictate prices for that product within his distributorship. [...]

[A] big driving force behind this was the Coors Brewing Company, formerly Coors & Mengele, which refused to bring its special proprietary blend of fermented pig feed and mule piss into our fair state until it got exclusive distributorships. Coors insisted it needed this–and I admit, they deserved it for being able to say so with a straight face–because its Pure Mountain Brewed product requires such special handling that only someone with trucks and a proper attitude toward vendor analingus could hope to understand it. This is akin to the ebola virus refusing to cross your state’s borders until your legislators adjust their views on vaccination.

And that’s before he gets indignant.

3 Responses to “Pro and Con Edison”

Coors & Mengele. Coors & Mengele. I knew I hated Coors already, aside from the fact that it tastes nasty.

It causes me to wonder how many people have named their sons Adolf or Adolph in the last 70-some years.*

That Doghouse guy is smart as hell, ain’t he.

*To the Wikimobile!

“…The use of Adolf as a given name has drastically declined following the regime of Nazi Germany and its Führer, Adolf Hitler [citation needed], and it has since been a widely avoided name for newborn boys due to its negative association with Hitler. It gained very high popularity during the Nazi era, however, and thus can sometimes still be found among now-elderly people who were born during those times. Similarly, the French version, Adolphe — previously a fairly common name in France and also the name of a classical work of French literature — has virtually disappeared, and Adolfo as the Italian version of the name has suffered a similar fate. However, the Spanish Adolfo has not become stigmatised in the same way, and is still in common use in Spanish-speaking countries….”

Heh,heh,heh….the man KNOWS Coors beer..which should be declared a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Not to mention that the Coors family has spawned a crop of rabid right-wingers.

Man, I live in the town that is Coor’s homebase. Those cheap fuckers got themselves taken out of the city limits in order to avoid city taxes, and have elevated to a fine art the dance of “back off, pissants, or we’ll close the whole brewery and leave!” that they’ve used for years to get the locals to behave as demanded.

They are assholes for that alone, before you even get to how much money they’ve used to fund wingers over the years. At least my state had the good sense to slap back the attempt by Pete Coors to become a US Senator.

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