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“I don’t get it…Why are they talking during the movie?”

And Moondoggie:


“I’m trying to be noir, but I can’t seem to get past beige…”

3 Responses to “Post-Friday Beast Blogging: The High Contrast Cats Edition”

As always, absolutely boooootiful. That Riley is one cool cat, isn’t she… you’d almost never guess that she can be so easily-defeated by a BLOUSE from that face, would you?

Bless Moondoggie’s earnest little heart… Yeah, the venetian blind lines would lend towards a ‘noir’ setting, but this IS Moondoggie that we’re talking about… Still adorable.

When I am brave/strong enough, I’ll attempt to get (blackmail-worthy, except that cats would have to GIVE A FUCK in order to be capable of BEING blackmailed…) shots of trying to “teach” (bribe/cajole/beg/etc.) my almost-14-year-old ornery employers to walk in harnesses, on a leash. Tonight, Boy pulled an AMAZING escape trick, somehow slithering COMPLETELY out of the harness in less than ten seconds while I had my back turned.

But, much like Moondoggie, instead of hauling-ass outta the new ghetto, he rocketed straight for the slightly-ajar apartment door. Gotta love a company man, even if he DOES give you a helluva backache, trying to “walk” his 22-pound ass out into the grass.

Biddy is slightly more agreeable to our little “field trips,” but she’s really got to cut down on the cussing. Granted, there weren’t many neighbors outside @ 4:30A, but you never know, and she might offend a Marine or such…

Hey, Scott, unless those are the Missus’ shoes visible in the pic of Riley, amiright that this is the daily post-prandial lapsit that you mentioned last week?

Moondoggie looks like Ingrid B. in Casablanca in one of her rare relaxed moments.

Li’l, yes, that’s Riley enjoying her nightly after dinner lap (although she didn’t seem to much care for the episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 we picked that night.

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