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Guitar Row, Sunset Boulevard.


Hollywood Boulevard.


Hills overlooking the Boulevard.


Front yard of a Craftsman bungalow, south of the Boulevard.


Cactus con araƱa.


House which appears to be have been abandoned since Halloween.



A Jets and Sharks-style botanical stand-off.


Old Chaplin Studio, La Brea below Sunset.


14 Responses to “Random Scenes of Hollywood”

Has Meltdown melted down, or were there never letters on the sign?

I’m not sure, but I seem to recall there was lettering on the sign at one point. Anyway, I’m happy to say they’re still in business.

I thought everyone in California had a tan?

That pale transvestite surrounded by boomboxes must be just off the bus.

Oh, sweet! I love random images of other places.

Nice photos.
Also, I want to say that I started rereading BLTBM and it’s still the funniest thing since James Thurber. So thanks for that.

And thanks for that, Dr. It’s much appreciated.

I desperately want a Craftsman bungalow like every family on TV has, but I’ll never be able to afford one.

Oh, and for the purposes of sucking up, may I say that I read BLTBM over a year ago and loved it.

Inconstant: That’s some high quality suckage. Thanks!

Well, I can beat that. I have had a copy of BLTBM near my bedside for years now, and it’s improved my life more than I can measure!

Not as much as a Craftsman bungalow, but probably close.


She’ll still have the dentistry, fortunately. We wouldn’t want her to have to accept money from the government for unemployment and such.

You clever dog. Look at the guitar: “LG”. Transliterated: the Knights Templar. AH HAH! Transliterate: Oralee Taitz. (Cf. ORAL Roberts – dead Tulsa fascist evangelist).
2012! Maya Apocalypse.

Fun with phones. My sister-in-law just called, pretending she was in a jail in Tiujana, and needed us to bail her out.

This was very funny in high school.

… I read BLTBM over a year ago and loved it.

Left by Inconstant Reader on March 18th, 2010…

Oh yeah? well, I bought 2 copies, intending to give one to a family member. But I liked it so much I kept both. Well, I keep one in the car trunk, along with “Startide Rising” and some J.Austen books. In case of emergencies. Good books, electrical tape, an adjustable wrench, and jumper cables. what every person should keep in a box in the back of the car. Maybe some wipes, too. And I read about this special … device… that enables women to pee “standing up and backerwards” (as my 2 year old daughter once said). Sigh. Now she’s a sullen 12 year old, who feels abused when I force her to wash her hair. “Wait 6 months” I tell her. “I won’t be able to keep you out of the bathroom”.

Great pix, Scott. Those very tall palms always strike me as rather creepy for some reason (I’m strictly east-of-the-Mississippi), but the Jets vs. Sharks imagery is charming.

The abandoned house looks charming, what I can see of it. Lookit the mortared mini-boulder facing, the cantilevered whatsit with the little Dia de los Mortos masks on it, the artistically piled gourds. It may even be some species of Craftsman — nothing like it here in New Jersey, tho we do have our own oddities.

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