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I received some more bad news, in a month that already seems saturated with it, about Ivan G. Shreve, Jr., proprietor of the indispensable blog on classic films, TV, and radio, Thrilling Days of Yesteryear. As you may already know, TDOY hasn’t been updated since February 25, and while this isn’t unprecedented — Ivan will occasionally suspend blogging while he works on liner notes for an upcoming DVD release, or some other paying gig — he usually posts a Gone Fishin’ sign before he disappears. So I’ve been getting a little worried.

The very resourceful Stacia, of She Blogged By Night was kind enough to track me down on Twitter and let me know that Ivan has been hospitalized. We don’t know how serious the situation is, or how long he’s likely to be laid up, but she has since posted a bit more information on her blog:

“Ivan is in room 5401 of the Athens Regional Medical Center and there is no set release date as of yet, but from what I’ve heard, I’m reassured he’ll be back to blogging soon. Which is good, because Thrilling Days of Yesteryear provides at least 50% of my online Jack Benny intake. Ivan’s hospital has an e-greetings system here that you can use to leave him a note if you want.”

Not only is Ivan a witty, gracious, and highly informative writer, he’s a very old friend of World O’ Crap — one of the earliest of early adopters, going back to WO’C's first days at the old Salon blogs — so this hits particularly hard. Ivan has often remarked that he got into blogging because of Sheri’s example, and since the same can be said of me, I’ve always considered him a blog brother. If you can spare a moment, please click the link above and send Ivan a little note.


9 Responses to “Get Well Soon, Brother Ivan!”

Thanks, both of you, and glad to hear he’s due back with us.

A quarter note, or are you insisting on a hemisemidemiquaver?

At least this bad news comes w/ the knowledge that Ivan’s expected out soon.

And to my fellow eligible-to-be-an-AARP-member commenters above who’ve already gotten nervous & expressed concern: Mortality’s a bitch, innit?

I realize you meant to write “blog bRother”, now that I think about it, “blother” would make a good portmanteau of “blog brother”.
Get well Ivan.

I’ve been to Ivan’s before, and was enthralled. Glad to know that he’ll be back at it soon. If I don’t make it over there, lump my concern & best wishes in with yours.

If it’s any help, birfday wishes are up for Anne J., Mary C., Bill S. & other beloveds over to our house. Love and happiness to all.


Annti, you are the very very best birfday celebrator of all time, and I adore you, and wish to shower you with jewels and moolah, which I don’t actually have, but hmmm: Ima knock over a jewelry store just for you. Hey. Some of the best political writing of the last century was done from prison.

And Ivan, I hope you stop feeling terrible really really soon, and that before long, you will be out frolicking in the spring sunlight.

LARKY-POOOO!!! (and yes, I *know* how much you loooooovvve that name! Heh heh heh…)

You are too sweet! And if you ever DO knock-over a jewelry store, we send the diamonds to the kids in Africa who hadda mine the fucking things, NOT the DeBeers cartel. We sell everything else that we don’t wanna wear, THEN I help you abscond to a nice, small, quiet Caribbean nation, where we will bask in the shade of large umbrellas, as lovely young cabana boys and girls bring us cold, fruity cocktails and good food.

Sound good? Hey, I didn’t say WHICH island…

has anyone heard anything about Ivan?

Tom: No, I haven’t heard anything. I was hoping he might have given the keys to TDOY to a friend or family member who could post an update. Keeping my fingers crossed he’s home recuperating.

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