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Chesterfield.jpg Our apologies to anyone who’s been experiencing slow-loading or timeouts with Wo’C lately (we certainly have).  Our host has moved us to a different server, although he still insists on seating us next to Peggy Noonan, which means I’ll have to find one of those plastic ponchos people wear at Gallagher shows if I don’t want to wind up smelling like second-hand Gin Rickey before the cheese course.  Still, the blog seems to be a bit zippier now.

So let’s get back to work and out-produce the Taliban!  Remember, there’s a war on, and for every plane, tank, or comfort capsule we produce, the Afghans produce two tons of opium, which I’m pretty sure is where all that money you ought to be putting into War Bonds is actually going.

14 Responses to “Shoes For Industry!”

I’d need a plastic poncho if I was seated next to Peggy Noonan too. In case I start to puke from prolonged exposure to her.

I’ll take the opium if you give up the war machine. Shit, I’ll take it anyhow.

If I read anymore articles reminding me that the Pentagon spends 20 million dollars every twenty minutes or that top air force brass spend their time fretting over the color of multi-million dollar aircraft lounges, I will want some opium in generous quantities.

I think that Obama though, has a possible bargaining chip. If they stop fighting in Afganistan and other countries, we’ll be willing to send them, in their aircraft “comfort capsules” into never-ending orbit.

more sugar!

I thought “comfort capsule” was a Prep H suppository.

Umm, is that dude in the pic a male go go dancer?

Those gloves are disturbing. Or hot. I can’t tell which.

Morse Science High!

I just occurred to me that the “White House’s war on Fox News” is the Administration’s contribution to support the teabaggers’ struggles to “take back America” from them furrin immigrants and their anti-American values (i.e., Aussie Rupert Murdoch and Fox News) !

I want my Obama back !

Speaking as a winner of that coveted Good Sport Award…

Hey H-Bob, and we can revisit those media concentration restrictions that have been so eroded.

Shoes for Defense!

Someone had to say it.

Adorable gloves, big boy. You gonna try out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders after work?

Don’t take off your shoes, jobs is on the way.

Remember…never give up your shoes!

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