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In the spirit of bipartisanship, MarcT was kind enough to send us another example of the new GOP.com, this one drawn from their “Heroes” section:

You can already feel the remorseless engorgement of the Big Tent.

5 Responses to “I Am The GOP”

I ain’t seein’ it, Scott.


Thanks for that, MarcT. There’s a lot of material for similar inclusion out there, and the bigger the tent the better, yes?

Every time I’ve gotten the face of a black person, often a woman. Is the GOP saying they are no longer the party of angry white men? What would Beck say? And why the commie red? It scares me.

Some commenter at Sadly,No! called them “O-faces”, at which point I lost my concentration, on account of the vomiting.

Kudos, Marc. And thank god for keyboard skins.

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