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 MaryKat’s mea culpa for failing to bring her readers the story of the terrorist barf bag.

I missed this scare. Man, and I do so hate to disappoint the World o’ Crap kids.

Well, it is Friday, so I guess we’ll let it go this time.  But if it happens again, we’ll be forced to get our “Update: Never Mind” stories from a different TerrorScare  blogger.

7 Responses to “We Forgive You, Mary Katharine”

Well, ya gotta love how the same 47-item link dump includes Lorie Byrd’s denunciation of media hysteria and exaggeration in the wake of Katrina.

I got a dollar says that note said: “Oh, god, I’m going to hurl and die!”

By the way, give Malkin credit. At least she reads your stuff.

Um, wolf? No, really this time.

Thanks for the lenience, guys.

Lenience, yeah. We don’t often stop to think about it, but it is nice that s.z. could use humor to make her point, especially at a time when everyone is so jumpy–you people because you see imaginary terrorists every time you turn around, and we because you people get to vote.

Hey, the lenience wasn’t my idea. I was arguing for sanctions. The more panicked you guys get everybody, the more likely Ms Atlas Shrugged is to get screened at an airport, and the more likely we are to get hysterical vlogs to make fun of.

“(Atlas) Jugs On A Plane.”

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