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Here’s one for Roger Ailes‘ “Grand Old Police Blotter” feature:

Tax-protesting Maple Grove boss is on the lam

Authorities are seeking Robert Beale, an MIT-educated engineer and owner of a Maple Grove computer firm, who skipped his own trial.

Beale is on a holy quest to avoid paying taxes.  Here are a few paragraphs from the story.

Over roughly seven years, Robert Beale has waged a legal war with the Internal Revenue Service and Minnesota Revenue Department, filing rambling explanations in court, citing God, the Constitution and obscure legal decisions. He even published a full-page ad in a newspaper to make his case.“He is very smart,” said Dan Scott, his lawyer. “He is very pleasant and urbane. … And he is absolutely dedicated to his beliefs.”Beale, an engineer, is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a groundbreaking inventor of computer technology and the owner of a company with 70 employees and revenues of $12 million to $15 million a year, say family members.

He was a Minnesota delegate to the Republican National Convention in the 1980s, [son] Bradford Beale said, and contributed more than $10,000 to Republican candidates in the 1990s, according to Federal Election Commission records. He founded the Minnesota Christian Coalition, which is affiliated with the politically oriented Christian Coalition of America.

And yet he felt justified in setting up shell companies to shield his income, and didn’t feel the need to file tax returns from 2000-2004, despite making over $5.6 million in personal income during that period.

Theodore Beale, another son of Robert Beale, is the author of fantasy Christian novels. Interviewed from Italy, where he lives, he said he knew little about the case [...].

And here’s where we tell you the REST of the story.  Little Theodore Beale grew up to be … Vox Day, WorldNetDaily columnist and blogger.

And here’s a quote from Vox about Dad that we mentioned in our
previous piece on Vox’s secret life as the son of a God-fearing, tax-avoiding techocrat millionaire.

There will also surely be many who will consider him little more than a religious nut with money, but again, that is of little concern to us. After all, this country was founded and its Constitution was written by a group of wealthy, well-armed aristocrats who also happened to be devout Christians and who believed that they had been put in the right place at the right time for an appointed purpose.

And apparently the right place for Dad right now is “out of the country.”

And speaking of Vox, this story made us wonder what’s new with him these days, so we checked out his blog.  And just when we were ready to concede that he made a lot of good points, and admit that perhaps we had misjudged him, we read the entry ”A train wreck in progress,” and remembered Vox’s issues with women.Re this post: While we agree with Vox that Libertarian blogger Jacqueline is not somebody with whom we’d want  to get romantically involved (even if we swung that way), Vox also sets off our ”back away slowly” social interaction alarms as loudly as she does with his remarks about her:

Her suggestions for men are fairly reasonable,

 Let’s stop right here and review some of Jacqueline’s suggestions:

I realize that some of you will find this post depressing because you’ll realize that you don’t qualify as a high quality man and thus won’t be able to get a high quality woman. You have a few options:  1.   Lower your standards and stop pursuing women who are out of your league. There are lots of fat single mothers out there who can’t find dates either.2.  Look in the developing world. If you’re literate with a home computer and an internet connection you are very wealthy compared to the rest of the world. Citizenship or legal permanent residency in a rich country makes you more attractive to women in poorer countries. Your value on the dating market is thus much higher there.  

So, Vox apparently agrees with Jackie that if you aren’t good enough for her, you should try dating fat, single mothers and poor third-world women.  (Of course, since Vox is way too good for Jacqueline, he is presumably telling YOU, his inferiors, that you should check out hefty Bulgarian babes.)

 But back to Vox:

though I find it amusing that despite her intelligence, she is not experienced enough to realize that “educated” is not necessarily considered a plus among highly educated, intelligent men these days.

 Yeah, highly educated, intelligent men these days are going for the 8th-grade dropouts, because these women are not as uppity and demanding as those bitches with undergraduate degrees.

Unfortunately for her, she’s not anywhere nearly attractive enough to “date only the highest quality men”;

However, the highest quality men can be as ugly as sin and still insist on dating only 18-year-old supermodels with private jets  – you know, because of their high quality.

if she’s more attractive than 86 percent of the single women on the planet, I’ll have to reconsider the notion of ever leaving the house again.

Jackie seems reasonably attractive to me, but I do have to smile pityingly at her claim that one of the reasons she deserves the highest quality men (and is way too good for the “single geeky guys I meet via this blog”) is because her ”new picture has been rated more attractive than 86% of the women on Hot or Not.”

Anyway, Vox weighs her and finds her wanting.

Highly intelligent, reasonably educated, and yet in the end just another self-centered woman who can’t handle basic logic when it doesn’t suit her wishes.

So, just another woman then.  Yeah, it’s no wonder that our letting them vote has ”helped tear apart our society,” bringing us ”more divorce, more abortion,” and worst of all, “more obese single women on welfare.”  It’s no wonder that Vox lives in Italy.

20 Responses to “Vox Dad: The Fugitive”

Christ, she’s a six, tops. And that’s with her mouth closed, which I’m guessing it ain’t very often.

Okay, that was a joke, but this isn’t: what the hell happened to these children? Were they suckled by electric blankets? Aside from setting a new national age-group standard in the 100 meter shallow self-absorption, the educated and intelligent Ms Mackie Paisley Passey seems to possess all the charm of a deodorant ad.

I make allowances, I really do; my wife’s a high school teacher. But there’s no excuse for anyone in his mid-20s being so vapid. Has your entire interpersonal life been restricted to the fashionably attractive? No fat aunt ever gave you loving advice, no ugly person ever did you a kindness for its own sake? Or were they chumps for doing so? God, I need a shower. And an ipecac.

I’ll say this for both of them, though: they’re perfectly qualified to blog.

Vox should reconsider ever leaving the house anyway.

Whoa, hold up. Vox fucking Day lives in fucking Italy, and yet still gets to tell us liberals it’s un-American to support the fucking war?

It’s no wonder that Vox lives in Italy

You say that like it’s a bad thing.
It’s not. Well, unless you’re Italian, of course.

After all, this country was founded and its Constitution was written by a group of wealthy, well-armed aristocrats who also happened to be devout Christians

Uh. No. It wasn’t. Nothin’ “devout” or “Christian” about the Founding Fathers.

Another woman who doesn’t meet the standards of Vox? You women better start trying harder!

And, Doghouse, why do you say “I make allowances, I really do; my wife’s a high school teacher.”? Other than that, I agree with everything you say.

punkinsmom, maybe he’s referring to Italy. He’d be wrong there, too, but what the hell. New rule: If you live outside the US and you don’t pay fucking taxes here, you are required to stop saying “this country” or “our country” or “my country” to refer to the US. This goes for you, too, Adam Yoshida.

And I don’t want to hear any more bullshit about how the US tax code is screwed up from these people, either.

I suspect Doghouse’s point was that as his wife teaches schoolkids, he’s come into contact with the youthfully vapid, and therefore makes allowances for them. It’s the grown up and callow that seem unjustified.

I kinda agree and kinda disagree. I’m striving for deliberate vapidity as a stress-reduction measure, on the Ignorance Is Bliss path. And I am, to most reports, a grownup. On the other hand, my own vapidity is relatively harmless, if only because nobody listens to me, and reasonably so.

Sorry. Fast typing. Her students, I meant. I see my share of callow, and this is more in the line of mental friggin’ illness.

Indeed, D., there’s a lot to be said for simplicity. Self-absorption, even. But the kind that reveals your Buddha nature, not your inner Joan Rivers.

Be careful, S.Z., Vox may make a special trip from Italy to get all manly on you now.

(Pssst. Fugitive with two i’s)

Funny, it was Vox/Theodore who designed his father’s website saying he was innocent. And it was Vox who claimed his father had won a victory against Minnesota. Guess that wasn’t quite true, and now the feds are after him as well. But he knows little about the case…

Wonder why Vox hasn’t linked to this little story or threatened to beat up everyone talking about it. Guess he isn’t as tough as he says.

I thought we were trying for a “Fugly” pun in the title.

I think Vox and Jackie are perfect for each other. They’re both clueless and self-absorbed, and they both harbor deep resentment for the opposite gender.

WoC should start a Wingnut Dating Club and set these two kids up.

My favorite quote from Indiana Jones, looking at Vox and Jaqueline… or Vox and daddy… or daddy and Jaqueline… just to put them out of my misery (metaphorically speaking, of course).

“Shoot them. Shoot them both.”

As Jacqueline doesn’t date unacceptable men, so too do her comment threads exclude undesirable responses. I won’t blame her for that; I moderate my threads too (you’d be amazed at the flames you’ll get when you post something positive about Hal Jordan that is simultaneously denigratory of Kyle Rayner; YOU’D be amazed, I’m just tired of them, so I don’t let ‘em through).

If I could have posted over there, though, I would have told her that apparently, her Ideal Mate is Doc Savage, which is sad for her, because (a) he’s fictional, (b) if he weren’t fictional he’d be very very old if not dead by now, and (c) Philip Jose Farmer says he’s gay, and who are we to argue with Philip Jose Farmer?

Beyond that, I think Mr. Riley used all the other words I’d want to in describing the dear girl.

in the end just another self-centered woman who can’t handle basic logic when it doesn’t suit her wishes.

Mr. Trebek, I’ll guess “what is projection?”

Maybe it’s just me, but why does Vox Day remind me of Wade from the Wonder Years if he were raised in a pampered upper-class life.

[...] You know, yesterday already was a pretty good day. I mean, Scooter Libby got convicted, the Justice Department is getting utterly destroyed on the Hill, and now, via PZ, I read that Vox Day has taken to the pages of his fugitive felon father’s magazine to take a brave stand against–science! [...]

[...] It comes as a shock to Christians that PZ Myers has a daughter, Skatje. Perhaps there’s an old wives’ tale that claims atheism leads to sterility, because some god-botherers just can’t seem to get their heads around the fact that Myers raised a child. Perhaps the last person on earth who should be discussing fatherhood, the disturbingly misogynist Coach Buzzcut lookalike, Vox Day, put Myers’ parenting skills to question because Skatje had written an article advocating the repeal of laws against bestiality. Never mind that she plainly stated in the first two sentences of her article that she was not in any way interested in having sex with animals, the anti-PZ crowd jumped on the post like William Dembski on someone else’s intellectual property. Only a few days into the new year, Salvador Cordova earned the coveted Asshole of the Year award by writing a post so foul and and contemptible that it eventually managed to trigger a rare public display of shame by Cordova. [...]

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