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Archive for the 'People We Like' Category

Ex-Beauty Queen’s Got A Gun!

Posted by Maryc on October 30th, 2008

Julie Brown updates a song from the Reagan Era for a new generation of horrifyingly stupid but gosh-darned folksy conservatives:

Happy Birthday, D. Sidhe!

Posted by s.z. on September 5th, 2008

Thanks for making W’oC your favorite site for ringworm/Dr. Mike updates.

I wish I had more profound to say, but I’m really tired so we’ll have to rely on Scott for a really nice tribute.

But for now, please accept this traditional scary photo of Ann Coulter as a token of my esteem.  In this one, Ann’s non-human origins are quite apparent (note the mantis-like hands).

And, if it works, here’s a bonus photo of a kitten!  It’s actually one of the 5 kittens that were born to the stray mama that the 90-year-old man asked our rescue to take.  They’re almost 4-weeks-old now, and are really round, sweet kittens (because their mother eats like a horse and spends all day nursing them).

CROP-july 001.jpg

Later I’ll try to get a photo of my latest addition, a 10-12 week-old bobbed tail black kitten that a college girl put in the dumpster after her landlord said she had to get rid of it.

Anyway, have a great birthday.



Happy Birthday, AnnPW!

Posted by scott on September 3rd, 2008

coulter3.jpg Thanks to Heydave for alerting us to the natal anniversary of longtime WoC commenter AnnPW, who blogs over at Beginning to Wonder.

In honor of your special day, here’s the traditional photo of Ann Coulter, caught on a similarly festive occasion, about to mate with and devour a CPAC intern.  Many happy returns, Ann.

Are You Aglow To Check Chapeaux and Know You’re Making Your Tips?

Posted by Maryc on July 2nd, 2008

Tbogg has a typically awesome post in which he spanks Roger Simon for comparing McCain to Col. Nicholson in Bridge On The River Kwai.

And for Roger Simon (themanwhocreatedmoseswine), a very special wish from Tbogg:

I await the arrival of the McCain TruthSquad at PajamaMedia WorldWide Headquarters & Snackbar where they will wrestle a kicking and screaming Simon to the ground, snatch his fedora away from him and then crap in it… Be happy in your work, Roger.

Ahem. Allow me, Tbogg:

Check out my fave radio progressive, Stephainie Miller on CNN the other night!

And there we have it: The GOP Plan to win the WOT, via Mark Smith: Let our soldiers die, so we(the accountants and professionals and GOP chickenhawks over here) don’t have to.