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When it comes to riffing on bad movies, I’m a big believer in DIY. But even I, with a dual major in Film Studies and Wood Shop, will admit that some jobs are so dirty and complicated that it just makes good sense to call in a professional. Sure, they’re likely to ream you on labor and materials, and they never show up when it’s raining, but they’ve got the tools and the expertise to do the job right the first time. And to be honest, there are more than few movies that I feel should only be mocked by a licensed contractor.

So I was happy to hear that Joel Hodgson, creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000 has reunited with the original cast — Josh Weinstein and Trace Beaulieu, along with later additions Frank Conniff and Mary Jo Pehl — in a new “movie-riffing delivery system” called Cinematic Titanic. Their first release is The Oozing Skull (a 1972 schlocksploitationer originally entitled Brain of Blood, and directed by grindhouse habitué Al Adamson). Click below for the trailer.

We’ve seen the DVD, and while it’s no MST3K, for a pilot episode it’s pretty damn funny.

6 Responses to “Sometimes They Come Back”

YOU guys are just as funny as those guys—plus you have mad Wood Shop skillz.

Weren’t they last seen doing some bizarre karaoke version of MST3K where they supplied a film and you could do your own commentary?

actor: No, this is the original cast. RiffTrax is done by Mike Nelson, who followed Joel, and generally (but apparently not always) Kevin Murphy (Tom for most of the show’s run) and Bill Corbett (Crow for the post-Dr. F years). RiffTrax is still around and seems to be fairly productive; its main advantage from a business standpoint is that unlike MST3K and this new feature, it doesn’t require them to purchase distribution rights to the films. So they can do Harry Potter, Spider-Man, etc.

That said, I’m excited to see post-MST3K material from the Best Brains crowd that doesn’t require lining a wingnut’s pocket.

“That said, I’m excited to see post-MST3K material from the Best Brains crowd that doesn’t require lining a wingnut’s pocket.”
Wingnut? Mr. Nelson? I’ve seen that he is a Bushie, a “Good Christian(tm)” who disses the godless, and has hung with Lileks, so….

Joel’s back? Ye-haw!
He will always be Mr. MST for me.
Dammit what a time for my sound card to crap out.

Nice Steven King reference. Now THERE’S a man who knows a thing or two about horrible, horrible movies!

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