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Sorry about the sudden and baffling disappearance of the entire blog.  We signed up with another host on Monday, and I foolishly chose their Brigadoon package.  Big mistake.  We’ve since upgraded to the Pompeii package, so service should be considerably more stable from now on.

Delays were further exacerbated by my complete and utter ignorance of php, pvc, spf, and other incantatory internet abbreviations.  Many thanks to maryc, who stepped in and storted out the bollixed files for us.  She wins a Manos wife diaphanous nightgown with crimson front-and-rear modesty panels, and the right to be worshipped as a goddess for five nights and four fun-filled days.

6 Responses to “And We’re Back…”

yeah, for a while it was looking like the orphan comment thread back at the old digs was going have to meet our MDSR (minimum daily snark requirements)

Glad you’re back. The first time I saw the other thing, it creeped me out, for some reason.

Does the Pompeii package mean that a volcano erupts on your blog and there’s a Pink Floyd concert on it 1900 years afterwards?

“and the right to be worshipped as a goddess for five nights and four fun-filled days.”

So….when does the worshipping thing begin? Do I get donations and tributes and food sent to me?

Oddly, in the stuff migrated from the “new, old site” (as opposed to the “OLD, old site), apostrophes have been exchanged for a “�” symbol for me. Strange.

Whew! There you went! I was thinking I’d have to (ugh) read right-wing stuff myself (yike) in order to know what was going on over there. Many thanks you returned!
BTW, I was talking with some buddies and came up with a way to describe the Coulter-Malkin duo (Malkin recently did an internet film on Coulter’s TV apperances) and I found it was useful to name Ann Coulter ze obergruppenfuhrer und Michelle Malkin ze gruppenfuhrer of der Republican HateMongers society.
A bit on the harsh side, perhaps, but it was a good provocative intro.

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