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This is how you pitch a movie…if you’re a ninja!

7 Responses to “How To Pitch A Movie Part II”

OK, OK, I promise not to hijack this thread.

OK, un, Ninjas!






….Well.. um, black’s very slimming, isn’t it then?

I like it, when is the screening?

I’d have to say it probably won’t appeal to the liberatarian or republican crowd; obviously has a liberal bent.

Guess we should can it right now.

I would totally watch that film. Totally.

Randall, it’s possible you already have-there must be at least 100 movie references in that clip-possibly more-did anybody count them?
In any case, that was hilarious, and I needed it after reading what must be one of the most wingnutty reviews of an Adam Sandler movie ever, from WorldNut Daily. I’m e-mailing Scott my take on the thing when I get home from work later today. (Remember…you have been warned!) I’d do it now, but I haven’t got the time.

A Ninja would have teh time….

Ask A Ninja’s take on awards shows is pretty hilarious too.

Yes, Bill, but I want to see them all in one film. With ninjas!

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