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We’ve been informed that, due to personal issues, our hosting company is going out of business at the end of the month. This seems rather abrupt, but we’re sure they must have a good reason; perhaps they’re pessimistic about the long term prospects of net neutrality, perhaps they’ve sold all their wordly goods and are relocating to an ashram without a high speed internet connection, or maybe it’s like when my parents were building an addition to their home, and the contractor quit before putting the roof on because he and his wife suddenly bought a fixer-upper bordello in rural Nevada.

Anyway, we’re shortly going to have to move the site (again). If anybody has suggestions for reliable, reasonably-priced hosting, please email us or leave a comment.


19 Responses to “Tech Support”

I’ve had very good luck with HostGator. The first week it was a little unstable, but after that I’ve had no problems particularly compared to my prior hosting service which kept going down for hours on end. I’ve been with HostGator for over a year now.

These two links may help you make a decision, seeing that you’re a wordpress user:



While I have heard good things about BlueHost.com, some have had horrendous experiences dealing with control freaks and tech support. Still, the price is very nice.

We’ve been using dreamhost.com for over a year, and they have been super awesome. Dreamhost has also hosted thecauldron.net for over three years–the admins over there recommended them to us.

I use Yellow Dress for my boyfriend’s webcomic; they’ve been reasonable and reliable, though your traffic is probably high enough that you’ll need a bigger package than we use.

I agree with Dreamhost as well, I’ve heard lots of good things about them.

Sadly, No! has been with Dreamhost since February and everything has been extra fine, including replies to tech emails within an hour a couple of times.

Wow, hope this won’t cause an outage. Like your remark regarding contractor.
I have to add this. My parents, when I needed some help in college, decided instead to buy a new car and install an in-ground pool in their back yard.
Good luck,

I’ve used 1and1.com for a few years now and have had zero problems with them. I update my website on at least a daily basis and have no difficulties to report.

Stay away from FidPac, a.k.a. Super Nu, a.k.a. Hosting Services, LLC. They’re a bunch of outright crooks. A Google search for the owner, one Steve Gunnels, will give you a pretty good idea of the drawbacks of dealing with these swine.

I’m currently with HostRoute.Com – they’re relatively inexpensive and do a decent job for the money.

i’m on LunarPages (blog and business site) and haven’t had any problems with them in the four years or so since i last moved. WordPress is provided free, and they’re cheap, too.

I’m with HostRocket – they’re cheap, have a ton of features, speedy customer service of the variety in which they actually seem to have read your question, and I’ve had no problems at all in, um, 7 years or so. I refer all my clients there and nobody has cursed my name yet (well, not for that reason, anyway).

Scott writes: perhaps they�ve sold all their wordly goods…

Modifiers, phrases, conjunctions, etc…

I’ve been using icdsoft.com for hosting for more than three years now. Cheap, and no downtime.

I’ve been using empire-hosting.net for years and really like them. Most of the sites I run only need the $45yr bronze package but it goes up to $180yr for their top-of-the-line “gold” service.

Oooops, should have said that you can load WordPress, Drupal, PHP-Nuke and other services automatically from the control panel.

As a current customer of two of the companies mentioned above, hostrocket and dreamhost, I can report dreamhost is the hands-down favorite. I’m currently enduring a painful migration from hostrocket (note to photo buffs: AVOID gallery, the php image software. Evil to move. Evil to migrate away from.)

BlueHost.com is a great service – they even have automatic installation of popular blog software, polls, email, etc.

I’ve had my site (http://oddlots.digitalspace.net) at Digitalspace for years now, they’re extremely reasonable priced, have hardly ever been down, and have been around for years now.

I am saddened that no one has posted a “Dear Gawd, avoid [hosting company's name] like the plague!!“, ‘cos surely someone has had a crappy experience with someone?