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Image courtesy of Superdickery.com.

My days of comic literacy are long gone, but for those who are more conversant with the four color world (and other pop cultural niches), you will likely enjoy ComicMix.  And if you’re one of those hardasses who demands street cred from their comic blogs, look no further, since one of the contributors is the savvy and well-connected Elayne Riggs.

Go Forth and Geek.

4 Responses to “May I Flack? Just A Bit? I’ll Wipe Everything Down Afterwards”

Ook! Thank you, Scott! I’m just middle-echelon at ComicMix, not one of the big honchos, but that’s as it should be. And I think my name is now on the site more than theirs because almost all the news items go out under my name (I write ‘em, they vet ‘em)…

I dunno from comix, but man, I think I’m in love with that dood on the cover. In heavy hand-to-hand, just takin lives by the list, his shirt’s tucked in, his fatigues are clean and pressed, his beenies on at a jaunty angle and holy shit, sumbitch is SMILING!! I’d follow that cat to Tehran…


Judo Chop!!

It’s amazing that every copy of “Super Green Beret #1″ on the web has the exact same doodling on its cover as mine does! Uncanny, it is!

MYSTie-type people like yourselves might like this take on it. Admittedly, it takes a couple of pages to get going, but it is one of the more jaw-droppingly awful comics you’ll ever read.