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In comments below at the Boone Bootycall, the always brilliant and highly perceptive BillS had this to say:

For those pictures, you owe us a pic of Bradley Cooper in all his furry-chested glory.

I agree, but since I can’t get my hands on any pics of Mr. Cooper, here is the less furry chested, but always gloriously gorgeous, Nathan Fillion:

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7 Responses to “Aye, Candy!”

Me likey.

Me likey.

I knowwwww!

Holy cow! I think I just materialized glasses on my face so they could get steamed up! You need to put a warning up next time.

Two Guys, a Girl and a Beefcake Place

Wow. Start adding moving pictures like this to the other pieces too, plz, because that’s, like, the perfect antidote to Pastor Swank.

Nathan! OMG! What a nice surprise! Thanks!

Dear me. Look at all those lumps of unsightly muscle, as MAD once put it…

Despite the fact that my taste runs more to the track ‘n field type (i.e. somewhat more elongated), which means I’m having a ball watching the World Cup, that is a nice little antidote to the Repub idiotage apologizing to BP today. Nathan has more smarts in his arched eyebrow than that malignant fool Joe Barton has in his whole unforgiveable person.

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