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So the parents of Senator John Ensign (R-NV) wrote a check for $96,000 to get him out of trouble with a girl. Which would be bad enough, but only last week they had to pay to fix a neighbor’s window after the Senator hit a baseball through it.  Fortunately, Congress will be going on recess shortly, because Ensign’s going to have to mow a lot of lawns this summer to pay back his folks. (And you can just forget about that trip to Disney World, mister!)

3 Responses to “The Distinguished Gentleman From Nevada Is Grounded!”

A commentor over at tBogg’s makes an interesting point: Sen. Coburn claims he was “counseling” Ensign as a physician, therefore it’s privileged information. Coburn is an OB GYN.

Kinda makes you wonder what kind of physician’s counsel Ensign needed…

He got off cheap. Eighteen, at least, divided into $96,000 is just over $110.00 per week, or about the cost of feeding the kid each week.

Self-centeredness and inflexibility are signs of immaturity in an adult. Ensign’s recent adventures appear immature and the resolution whines privilege.

Strangely, some states elect childish wusses as long as they share their prejudices; worse, it doesn’t seem odd to imagine him mowing his parent’s lawn to pay them back.

Between a psychotic person and a person who is foolish with his kindness stands a…?

Communications that describe and further an ongoing crime are not privileged, Mister Doctor Reverend Coburn.

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