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Archive for October 12th, 2008

Late Happy Birthday, AC!

Posted by s.z. on October 12th, 2008

Sorry I missed your birthday – between the regular Saturday Adoption Event at Petsmart, the big fundraiser for our rescue, and the new critters (four 4-week old feral kittens found abandoned by their mom in a window well), I didn’t have a chance to get to the computer.  But to make up for it, here’s a doubly nice birthday photo: Ann Coulter AND Bill O’Reilly!  (I’m not sure which is which, but the Rollingstone caption says that’s who they are.)

As you’ll notice, Bill (I think he’s the one in the tux) has a crooked bow tie, while Ann (the one with the really high forehead — wait, they BOTH have high foreheads!) is showing off some arm pit cleavage.  So, I think it’s only fair to conclude that the photographer interrupted them while they were in the middle a steamy falafel conversation.

Oh, and here’s a bonus: it’s the opening line of Bill’s Latest Column:

One of the things lacking in the second presidential debate this week was anger.

Because if there’s something this country needs more of, it’s vein-pounding, purple-faced rage.  Too bad Bill couldn’t run for President.