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Archive for October 7th, 2008

If You Can’t Deliver Ridiculous Smears, What Good Are You?

Posted by scott on October 7th, 2008

Andy McCarthy tells his fellow Cornerites that they’re all insane, then levels his gimlet-eyed, prosecutorial gaze at McCain, and shouts, J’accuse!

We have a disaster here — which is what you should expect when you delegate a non-conservative to make the conservative (nay, the American) case.  [...]

Now, as the night went along, did you get the impression that Obama comes from the radical Left?  Did you sense that he funded Leftist causes to the tune of tens of millions of dollars?  Would you have guessed that he’s pals with a guy who brags about bombing the Pentagon?  Would you have guessed that he helped underwrite raging anti-Semites?  Would you come away thinking, “Gee, he’s proposing to transfer nearly a trillion dollars of wealth to third-world dictators through the UN”? [...]

Great.  Memo to McCain Campaign:  Someone is either a terrorist sympathizer or he isn’t; someone is either disqualified as a terrorist sympathizer or he’s qualified for public office.  You helped portray Obama as a clealy qualified presidential candidate who would fight terrorists.If that’s what the public thinks, good luck trying to win this thing.

With due respect, I think tonight was a disaster for our side.  I’m dumbfounded that no one else seems to think so.  Obama did everything he needed to do, McCain did nothing he needed to do.  What am I missing?

I think it’s your soul, Andy.  You might want to check Lost and Found in the morning.

A Focus Group In The Woodpile

Posted by scott on October 7th, 2008

At the Corner, Jonah blinks in wide-eyed wonder like Alfalfa, and asks in a voice of pure childlike innocence whether all those Buckwheats weren’t tainting the He-Man Obama Haters Club:

This is purely a methodological question. If the reporting on blacks said they were torn between the candidates I wouldn’t be asking this question. But his focus group is allegedly a collection of “swing voters” from Virginia. And it appears there are a relatively large number of blacks in the focus group. I keep reading that blacks are supporting Obama somewhere between 95 and 99 percent. So, purely as a statistical matter, how do you explain having — by my very rough guestimate — 10% of Luntz’s swing voters being black? I’m just curious.

Just wondering.  Just puzzlin’ a wee bit.  Don’t mean anything by it.  I’m sure they’re all very nice people, taken on an individual basis, but the blacks, they do have a hive mind, so really those cable news folks might as well have given their response-o-meters to the Borg.

He Thought Of The Perfect Putdown. On The Bus Home

Posted by scott on October 7th, 2008

prager.jpg Over at WorldNetDaily, Dennis Prager, “one of America’s most respected and popular nationally syndicated radio talk-show hosts,” conducts a probing, if imaginary interview with Katie Couric, and by the end of it she’s a quivery, sobbing, mascara-streaked mess.  Now I’m no fan of Couric, but the way Prager dominates, even humiliates, her during their fictional colloquy makes it extremely difficult to watch, and I was tempted more than once to turn away.  And yet, these are serious times, voters are confronted by serious issues, and no matter how uncomfortable or strenuous it may prove, we owe it to ourselves and our country to face the fake truth.

Gotcha questions for Katie Couric

Just as Charlie Gibson did in his interview with Sarah Palin, Katie Couric set out to humiliate the Republican vice-presidential candidate with a series of “gotcha” questions.

Like, “What’s your zip code?”  “Name three members of your immediate family.”  And, “if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you like to see Senator Obama lynched from after you’ve worked your supporters into a bloodthirsty rage?”

This tactic – rarely employed with major liberal candidates – could be used equally effectively against Couric, or most any other liberal member of the television news media. It would be highly instructive to have Couric asked questions in the same way in which she (and Gibson) asked questions of Palin.

Before we enter the voting booth this November 4th, it’s important that we all know exactly what kind of vice president Katie Couric would make.

Q: Critics of the war in Iraq argue that prior to the invasion of Iraq, America had never attacked a country that had no plans to attack it. How, then, do you explain the Korean War?

Wait, wait, I’ve got a better one…You say man evolved from apes.  Well then, how come we still have monkeys?  Explain that!

On my radio show, I have asked this question of some of the most celebrated names among liberal intellectuals, and they had little or nothing to say.

“Some would look at me pityingly, or glance at their watch, but most just sighed heavily and reached for a blunt object…”

Q: Many Americans believe that the most important way of understanding the effects of taxation on government revenues is the Laffer Curve. What is your opinion about this?

I’d say “many Americans” couldn’t tell a Laffer Curve from Kim Kardashian’s ass.

Anyway, Dennis has other hard-hitting Queries for Katie, like “Q: Is there any point in a woman’s pregnancy at which you would call an abortion immoral?” because with constitutional government now a quaint and obsolete concept, power belongs to whoever can grab it, and for all we know, by this time next year Supreme Court justices will be nominated by a conclave of former morning show hosts and confirmed by a two thirds majority of the judges on American Idol.  He also wants to know what Katie’s favorite Federalist Paper is (personally, Dennis likes “the Cute One,” but Charlie Gibson likes “the Quiet One”).

Q: In a question to Palin, you said that “women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes.” If that is so, why don’t employers only hire women whenever possible?

“A prostitute standing on a street corner charges 50 dollars for a blowjob.  A man, whose manufacturing job has been recently outsourced to India, opens his own business on the opposite corner, offering blowjobs for 30 dollars.  Now, my mastery of economic theory, as expressed in crude line drawings, demonstrates that any rational consumer would buy sexual services from the man, because the lower cost per blowjob translates into increased purchasing power, and thus more blowjobs!

I defy you to prove me wrong.”

Q: What did you think of any articles in the most recent issues of Commentary, The Weekly Standard, National Review or any other conservative journal? Or do you only read liberal writing?

Because believe you me, there’s nothing funnier than William Kristol expounding on military strategy like Sun Tzu with a disabling head wound.
So, now that the mainstream media has gotten a taste of their own Gotcha!, which questions would you like to ask Dennis?

A 10.5 On The Goldberg Scale Of Scumbaggery

Posted by scott on October 7th, 2008

Just as countless spermatozoa are wasted in the process of fertilization, Jonah Goldberg spends most of his current piece in the LA Times spewing a multitude of superfluous — yet energetically wriggling — words about Joe Biden’s “gasbaggery,” and how the Senator from Delaware “makes stuff up.”  But just like the bundle of joy which arrives nine months later, more adorable than you could possibly have anticipated, Jonah surprises and delights the reader by delivering a concluding statement of such transcendent imbecility, that it can serve as a coda to both his column and career:

Palin “lost” because she’s bad at being a dishonest politician.

I honestly don’t know how even Jonah could top this.  But on a totally unrelated note, I’ve heard that if you commit suicide immediately after completing your masterpiece, it really boosts the resale value.

Civility Be Damned!

Posted by s.z. on October 7th, 2008

David “I Was the Smarter Brother, and Look Where It Got Me” Limbaugh has a new Town Hall column out today: Don’t Go Wobbly; Follow Sarah.”  In it, he applauds Sarah Palin for fighting dirty, and urges other Republicans to do more of the same, basically to pay back liberals for criticizing Bush and Cheney.

But while cheering for Sarah’s slimy “Omana palls around with terrorists” attacks, the lesser Limbaugh seems to go even lower.  Note the following passages regarding Obama’s dealings with 60′s Weatherman/current college professor William Ayers (emphasis added).

Democrats are crying foul because she’s confronting Barack Obama for his worrisome attitudes about America and his way-more-than-casual association with unrepentant domestic terrorist William Ayers. Some squeamish conservatives are counseling that we ignore this issue either because it is unpleasant and unfair or that it’s a distraction from the “substantive” issues.

Nonsense. This issue is neither unfair nor a diversion. It is imperative that we learn the extent of Obama’s intimacy with this man. [...]

Indeed, we must applaud Sarah Palin for standing up to her opponents and returning hostile fire. 

We’re ready for her to lead the charge, not only on Obama’s sordid relationships but also in articulating the monumental differences between the liberal and conservative approaches to governance.

Doesn’t it sound like Davey is suggesting that Obama not only attended a few board meetings that Ayers was also present for, but had an affair with him?  Is that how David is suggesting that conservatives “fight back” against Democrats: by starting the rumor that Obama had a interracial homosexual affair with a domestic terrorist?  Wow, get Pastor Swank on this one STAT!

Anyway, Davey then goes on to state that the Democratic candidates don’t deserve any civility from the McCain/Palin campaign because liberals were mean to Bush.  He then goes so far as to criticize McCain for exhibiting “collegiality” and for believing in global warming. Or does he go a little further there too???

I don’t know about you, but I’m not particularly interested in some bipartisan love fest in which Joe Biden tells us he loves John McCain or John McCain lavishes high praise on global warming fearmonger Al Gore.

So there you have it: John McCain has participated in a gay threesome with Biden and Gore.  I guess that means that Sarah Palin is the only candidate fit to be President.

So keep it up, Sarah, and maybe others will follow your courageous example.

You know, I bet the National Enquirer will, even if nobody else has the courage.

Anway, it’s nice for the wingnuts that they have found a candidate who resonates with them.  The rest of America should really think about whether they want someone with those kind of credentials a heartbeat away from the presidency.