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And now for your summertime surf ‘n’ sun enjoyment:  The Radical Rodents Hang Three!

Courtesy of Cuteoverload.  H/T to Happenstance.

9 Responses to “Gidget Goes Vermin!”

If anyone wants the aforementioned gopher .gif without all the searching, here’s a direct link to the entry:

Meanwhile, I also get my cute fix –and LOLs–at LOLCats:

And to bring it all back to politics: LOLPresident! Not so cute.

Oh. Aussies. Figures. Hope a kangaroo comes along & whups their criminally descended asses. (And I don’t mean donkeys.)

PETA Member

Great, but it could have used a few more spectacular wipe outs.

Ummm. . . those aren’t surfing mice, they are surfing rats. The surf music is good, but let’s call our vermin what they are.

This is actually an AL QAEDA TRAINING VIDEO discovered during a raid in Indonesia, showing a new delivery system for “doomsday viruses” and other dangerous biological weapons. Released from a Zodiac inflatable boat fifty yards from shore in any port city, these guys are totally unstoppable by current methods, and their handlers can get away before anyone is aware of a problem.

As a result, Bush has ordered secret wiretaps of pet shops and feed stores and has subpoenaed sales records of every company dealing in pine shavings, aquariums, exercise wheels, and those little hanging water bottles with the metal ball in the spout.

Or is it just a subterfuge designed to target teh gayz, who sometimes keep rodents for — ahem — other purposes?

You go to war with the vermin you have, not with the vermin you wish you had…


Marq: do you mean Willard as in Willard “Mittens” Romney? He likes to abuse animals too.

They’re leaving the sinking ship in style!

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