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Archive for August 29th, 2009

Working from home can be challenging, especially with two pathologically needy felines in the house who are constantly competing for attention.  But the current foundry-like atmosphere offers one advantage in this regard; if I don’t turn on the a/c in the living room, both the cats turn into bathmats.


Sorry for the peepshow, dude, but I really gotta aerate my pelt.

But occasionally Riley will assert her superior intellect and superincumbent villainy and turn herself into a lap rug just to share the misery.


I don’t care if this is your armrest.  It’s too hot to move, so until further notice it’s my headrest.

Where There’s Smoke…

Posted by scott on August 29th, 2009

Well, what with the sulfurous pall and the triple digit temperatures, we’re either experiencing a crappy summer, or a great viral marketing campaign for Hell.  The fire isn’t even particularly close, and yet there’s a huge plume of smoke roiling over the hills behind our building.


And the next wingnut who smugly declares that his unseasonably cool local weather means global climate change is a myth will be cordially invited to eat the ashes I just scraped off my windshield.  The buffet line forms to the right, ladies and gents.