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Archive for August 16th, 2009

Bloggin’ Is Sure Easier When Ya Make Stuff Up

Posted by scott on August 16th, 2009

EricktheRedAss.jpg Erick Erickson is “a Deacon at Vineville Presbyterian Church and maintains his bar license.”  He’s also the “managing editor” of Redstate.com, a small-time Georgia ward-heeler, and a scion of the cherry small cigar empire.  But more than that, he’s a magician who can conjure outrage out of thin air, much as a chronic masturbator can summon an orgasm at will.

Valerie Jarrett is Barack Obama’s Senior Advisor to the President and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Relations and Public Engagement. You’d think as Barack Obama’s Senior Advisor for Public Engagement, she’d show some more class to our soldiers.

But not today.

Flying home to Washington, D.C. today after speaking to the left wing online activists gathering in Pittsburgh, Ms. Jarrett’s flight had an Army Private in uniform on the plane.

Ms. Jarrett, the President’s Senior Advisor for Public Engagement never even acknowledged the Army Private, though she clearly saw him.

No links, except to Valerie Jarrett’s Wikipedia bio.   So how do we really know that “Ms. Jarrett’s flight had an Army Private in uniform on the plane” and that “she clearly saw him”?  Because the Georgia Peach told us so.  And you can trust him too, because Erick (Small Cigar) Erickson once saw Jim Nabors standing in line at the Cinnabon in the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport and went out of his way to thank the man for his service in the United States Marine Corps.


Speaking of small cigars, here’s proof that in the 70s looked like a porn film.

In other news…When we last looked in on the Astute Bloggers, they were having trouble grasping the concept that summer in the Northern Hemisphere means winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and lovers of low comedy will be happy to hear that they’ve now brought the same neutron star-like density to their thoughtful analysis of health care.

Liberals love to make the following argument: “Europeans spend half what we do per year – per capita. And they live longer.  We spend twice as much – and have 46 million uninsured.”

Hm, no link again.  So is that a quote, or is it just an “air” quote?

They say this to promote SOCIALSM and the takeover of 1/7th of our economy.

Exactly.  From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.  And apparently, one of those working class parasites needed an extra “I,” so SOCIALSM had to make the sacrifice.

It’s WRONG; it’s based on errors, fallacies and lies.

And lions, tigers and bears, which leave Reliapundit feeling bewitched, bothered, and bewildered.

ERROR 1 – conflating health insurance with health care.Every person in the USA is entitled to healthcare in a hospital regardless of his ability to pay – IT’S FEDERAL LAW. All hospitals which accept federal tax dollars for support – and almost every single one does – must treat EVERYONE. LIBERALS ARE WRONG OR LYING WHEN THEY SAY OR IMPLY AMERICANS AREN’T GETTING HEALTHCARE.

Lack of insurance doesn’t mean lack of care.

It just means no care unless you’re hemorrhaging from a gunshot wound — it’s such a great loophole it’s a wonder more people don’t go without health insurance!  After all, whenever you do show up with, say, blood in your stool from that ulcer you’ve been ignoring because you can’t afford to see a doctor unless you’re dying, they’ll promptly treat you after five or six hours of waiting because you’re possibly dying.  And then they’ll bill you — or your survivors — thousands of dollars for it, ensuring that everyone — not just middle class people who think they have adequate insurance — can go bankrupt and lose their homes due to medical bills.  That, my friend, is a little thing we like to call “equality.”

ERROR 2 – conflating per capita/per year spending and average life-spans with efficiency of public health.

People die.

Every single one.

Sooner – or later.

If the French health care system is so great, how come they’re not immortal?  How come people in England still die?  Huh?

Okay, admittedly some of their Scottish Highlanders don’t die, but you can still kill them by cutting their heads off, and I bet the NHS doesn’t insure against “loss of Quickening.”

This doesn’t always have to do with healthcare.

Sometimes it has to do with jumping out of an airplane with an improperly packed parachute, or going hunting with Dick Cheney.


Actually, it’s 2 to 10%.  “The top five earning insurance companies averaged profits of $1.56 billion in 2008 and reported spending an average of “more than 18 percent of their revenues on marketing, administration, and profits.” That year, CEO compensation for these companies ranged from $3 million to $24 million.”

Length of years has a lot to do with OBESITY AND DIET. And VIOLENCE.

We don’t need health insurance.  We’re fat and violent, we’re doomed anyway!

A group of people which has MORE fat people with bad diets who shoot at each other will have shorter life-spans than a group of people who are slimmer, eat better and shoot each other less.

Exactly.  Insuring morons like us is like playing Russian roulette with five loaded chambers.

(ALSO: The USA counts extreme preemies who die within months as DEATHS where in many European nations they do not; they call them failed pregnancies. This makes our nation’s infant mortality rate higher and average life-span shorter.)

Of course, if you count “under five” survival rates, we’re still 33rd in the developed world, behind Iceland, Cuba, and Cyprus.

And a group of people which cares more about its health and is MORE NEUROTIC about its health and appearance will spend more on its healthcare OVERALL – BY PURCHASING MORE SERVICES – than a group of people who do not, OR WHO CANNOT BECAUSE THEIR HEALTHCARE IS SOCIALIZED!

It only seems like we pay more for health care because we buy so many more boob jobs than Slovenia.


I thought about getting a new radiator so the car would stop overheating, but finally decided I’d really rather spend the money on subsidizing a new Blue Shield call center in Lahore.

  • Error 3 – We spend more per capita per year than Europeans because of the unbridled greed of unbridled insurance companies and unbridled pharmaceuticals.

Liberals are essentially arguing that we spend more because a lot goes into the pockets of insurers and not to doctors and nurses or actual care.

This is a lie.

As I wrote above, insurance companies do not make very large profits. That’s just a plain simple truth.

As one can see from your extensive links and documentation.

And pharma companies spend BILLIONS developing a SINGLE drug and many do not pass muster. To pay for the research which leads to life-saving and life-extending medicine, they need a high return on the drugs which do pass muster.

After Pfizer developed Viagra, Eli Lily had to spend billions to create Cialis, or they would have been left holding the short end of the stick.

Killing Big Pharma would NOT kill greedy capitalists; it would be committing GENOCIDE against people who need new drugs to be developed.

Remember:  More people with health insurance means fewer people able to afford drugs.

  • Our healthcare system is great.

  • Our doctors and nurses are the best.

  • Our pharmaceutical industry is fantastic.

  • REPEAT: Our healthcare system is great.

Hey!  That one guy in the back isn’t repeating the slogans!  Beat the crap out of him!  Then he can see how great our healthcare system is firsthand.

We mustn’t let the Democrats and the vultures and parasites they represent destroy it.

When your child asks, “what did you do in the war against health reform, Daddy?” you can look her in the eye and say, “Honey, I protected insurance company profits, and the erectile dysfunction drugs of tomorrow.”  And then you can explain to her that her underpants are full of blood because — even though she’s only six years old — the milk she drinks is laced with hormones thanks to Big Pharma, so it’s probably just the onset of menses, and there’s really no reason to go down to the E.R. and wait twelve hours to get misdiagnosed by an exhausted intern.  Instead, let’s just…

REPEAT:  Our healthcare system is great.

Ahhh…I feel better already.


Moondoggie:  I hope nobody slams a door, or that’s gonna be one big black avalanche of cat ass.

Grandma Kills the Death Panels

Posted by scott on August 16th, 2009

We’re adding a new blog to the roll: Margaret and Helen.  It’s a conversation between a pair of octogenerian gals who are fed up with all the stupidity they see around them, and who’ve taken to calling “bullshit” in the most doily-draped, ladylike fashion.  Here’s a sample of the latest post: I remember an America where black men didn’t grow up to be President.

I remember that America.  In that America people screaming at public gatherings were called out for what they were – an angry mob.   Of course, they wore sheets to cover up their bad hair.  Let’s be clear about something:  if you show up to a town hall meeting with a gun strapped to your leg, the point you are trying to make isn’t a good one.  Fear never produced anything worthwhile.

And what’s all this crap about killing your grandmother?  Are you people honestly that stupid?  This has become less an argument about healthcare reform and more a statement about our failed education system.  Margaret, I don’t know what plans you’ve made up there with Howard, but down here with Harold, we have living wills to determine how we will leave this world when the time comes.  Mine states that unless the feeding tube is large enough for a piece of pie, I don’t want to be hooked up to it.  Harold, of course, says his can only be connected to him if the other end is connected to a bottle of single malt scotch.

The entries below are well worth the scroll.  For instance, the post entitled Sarah Palin Called a Family Meeting and the Rabbit Lived…

Margaret, I watched Sarah Palin’s resignation speech and all I have to say is, “What the hell was that?”   My God that woman is an idiot.  I have said this before, but I feel the need to say it again.  Her problems did not come because the media was against her.  Her problems come because every time you stick a microphone in front of her mouth a whole lot of stupid falls out.

Things are getting tough and once again she is trying to hide behind that dysfunctional family of hers.  She actually stood there and talked about how the Palins had a family meeting and everyone agreed it was time for her to step down as Governor.   Well, I call bullshit.  The only family meetings the Palins have usually involve someone peeing on an early pregnancy test stick.

They don’t post daily, but a couple of salty old gals who personally experienced a good chunk of the 20th century offers a perspective, if not an antidote, to the historiography of scholars like Amity Shlaes and Jonah Goldberg.

h/t to The feed.