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Archive for August 22nd, 2009

We’ve had Moondoggie for a bit over two years now, but he’s still the new meat, still a trifle insecure, and not above making the occasional effort to be a stimulating companion in our postprandial discussion salon.


Whereas Riley has tenure, and clearly isn’t sweating the results of her annual review:


“Yeah…?  What’s your deal?

Technical Difficulties

Posted by scott on August 22nd, 2009


Thank you for the many kind wishes on the occasion of our anniversary; as s.z. and I frequently marveled, the World o’ Crap commenters are the smartest, funniest, kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human beings in the world — and I’m not just saying that because Angela Landsbury suggested I play solitaire.  She’s not the boss of me!

Second, I’d like to apologize for not demonstrating my gratitude in a more tangible fashion; say, with a new post, perhaps?  Internet and cable have been out since yesterday, but Time-Warner is sending a technician, and with any luck we’ll be back on the air by this afternoon.