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Archive for June 14th, 2010

Well, This Is Embarrassing…

Posted by scott on June 14th, 2010

We’re in a bit of a bind here, so I’m going to interrupt our regular programming, and beg for help. (I figure if Jonah Goldberg can do it, there’s no reason for me to act all proud.) First, a quick bit of background: as some of you know, my non-blog career, such as it was, pretty much flatlined in 2008 when the financial collapse killed off the couple of low budget indie films I was working on. (The proper response to this, of course, is “Boo Hoo,” or perhaps “Boo–freaking–Hoo,” so there will now be a ten second pause…)

Okay, we’re back. What’s brought all this to a crisis is the school district’s decision to begin furloughing teachers. Mary lost almost a week’s pay last month, and she’s going to have even more unpaid days this month. Which means July is looking extremely famine-y.

We’ve eliminated all discretionary spending — disconnected the cable, parked the car, canceled the insurance, and I’ve put my finger to my temple and begun playing a little Russian roulette by deferring refills of my headache medication (absurdly pricey now, owing to cuts in our healthcare plan — once again, thanks, LAUSD) — but the blog is still costing us money each month (not a lot — and I’m looking for a cheaper hosting solution — but it’s literally more than we can spare at the moment) so we’re forced to break with Wo’C tradition and get all pleady and needy.


So if you’ve enjoyed what we do here and have a little spare cash, please consider clicking on the PayPay button at the top left (if you’d prefer to use the Postal system, email me at scott.clevenger-at-gmail.com, or click on my name [just under the Better Living Through Bad Movies link on the left side] for our snail-mailing address). Any little bit would help to keep this mess going, but I realize everybody’s having a hard time these days, and if you’re in no position to donate, don’t worry about it; we love you anyway. And if you haven’t enjoyed what we do here, I suppose you’re entitled to send me an invoice for your time, but I warn you, it probably won’t go to the top of the pile.

Anyway, many thanks (for sticking with us this long, if nothing else). (New post below.)

Scouting Report: Craft Service

Posted by scott on June 14th, 2010

We have another new wingnut to try out today, so attach your clip-on tie, slip in your pocket protector, and shake hands with RenewAmerica rookie Paul Craft:


First, let’s check his bio. Unlike most RenewAmerica columnists, Paul’s c.v. is modestly, even suspiciously, brief:

Paul Craft lives in Kentucky, and is a graduate of the University of Kentucky. He maintains a website that is meant to offer the best stories on the web and the stories that will not be seen on the national news. The URL is CraftReports.com

The URL leads to — well, to nothing, actually. Perhaps the site is down at the moment, or maybe Paul gave up his imaginary childhood friend in favor of a magical imaginary website where “all the best stories on the web” are under his control.

Is America doomed?
America has been blessed where other nations have failed because this country was established on a Christian foundation regardless of what those on the Left say and are strong support for Israel.

If only King George III had given in to the Colonists’ primary demand — that Britain establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine — the Founders probably would have let that whole “taxation without representation” thing slide.

Where do we stand on these two important points?


America has become like an old house that is on the brink of collapsing because the foundation is on its last legs.

America should have gone with the concrete slab (or foundation walls if we wanted accessible basement space), but no, we had to be sluts about it and show a little leg.

We have let the minority rule over the majority out of political correctness.

If only the major European powers had echoed are[sic] support for Israel back in the 18th Century, then the minority would have had somewhere else to go, and we wouldn’t have had all these Jewish presidents.

No prayer in schools. No display of Christianity in the public square. US leaders have not stepped up and taken responsibility.

What good is the Supreme Court if not to supply our municipal governments with creches and giant electric menorahs?

Proclaim the name of Jesus Christ in the public square at your own risk.

Thanks, but I’m not much of a thrillseeker.

The thought police will take you to task for possibly offending those who do not accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

I live in a liberal neighborhood of a blue city of a reliably azure state, so you’d think if anybody’s tax dollars were going to pay the salaries of the thought police, it’d be mine. And yet, while walking down a high traffic, heavily patrolled segment of Hollywood Boulevard, I ran into a pack of musically proselytizing Mennonites. At least, I think they were Mennonites; the men weren’t hairy enough to be Amish, and the women were definitely wearing frocks from the Little House on the Prairie Collection. Anyway, they were harmonizing, and handing out free CDs and tracts, and basically doing everything they could to offend those who do not accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior (apologies for the crappy video quality, but I was trying to be subtle with the camera phone, since I wasn’t sure how easily the Pennsylvania Dutch might get spooked by paparazzi).

The reaction of passerbys to this invasion of the public square by members of the calico-wearing Christian majority seemed to fall into one of three categories:

1. “Huh. Singing Mennonites.”
2. “I should get myself one of those nice crocheted snoods for the next time I go clubbing — Oh, hey! The Wax Museum!”
2. “I need a new tattoo.”

So I guess the lesson here is: There’s never a thought cop around when you need one.

Is there a remedy for this? Absolutely. We the American people have to take back our country.

And a full 90% of the Bill of Rights.

We have to proclaim the Word of God in our schools and the public square like our life depended on it. We will always respect the belief of others but not if it puts God in the closet. Unless we the people take a stand America is doomed.

So we will absolutely not be rounding up atheists and members of minority religions and competing Christian sects unless they attempt to store Jesus in the cedar closet for the season while they get their summer god down out of the attic.

How about our support for Israel? Will God continue to have mercy on else if we stand strong in our support for God’s chosen people?

If that’s how you feel about the Jews, shouldn’t you convert? I mean, why be content to warm the bench with the second string when you could join Team Chosen? It’s as if Tiger Woods had spent his whole life out on the links, analyzing the game, studying the great players, and practicing his swing, just so he could go out on Sunday mornings and play miniature golf.

It should be no surprise to anyone that Obama would change American policy toward Israel. Just like his other friends on the radical Left, Obama has a clear bias in favor of the Muslims. Obama as President has been to the Middle East on more to one occasion. How many times has he visited Israel? None.

Maybe they should move Israel to the Middle East. Then the President wouldn’t have to make two trips, and Israel would be closer to the outlet mall and the Interstate.

What is Israel supposed to? Unless they inspect what is delivered to Hamas in Gaza they will get a missile fired into their backyard.

Well that should attract some interesting Google searches. Thanks, Paul.

What is there to investigate? Everybody knows the people on the flotilla were looking for a fight.

Exactly. You can always tell. I used to work with an Irish guy from Waterford who was like that; come Friday night he’d pour four or five pints of Guinness and three or four shots of Red Breast down his throat, and soon he’d get all pugnacious and loud and start daring the other patrons in the bar to drop onto him from a helicopter.

We the American people have a choice to make. We no longer can stand on the sidelines and let things happen.

We must take a tip from the Senate Republicans and stand in the middle of the 50 yard line and stop anything from happening at all.

Are we going to continue to let the thought police push God out of America and our daily life?…Unless we take to the streets peacefully like Martin Luther King did America is doomed. We can no longer set on are [sic] hands and do nothing.

Well, we can set on are own hands, I suppose, but if we continue to just plop are asses down on random hands, we’re likely to get goosed.