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Archive for June 12th, 2010

Invasion of the Blog Snatchers

Posted by scott on June 12th, 2010

As you may know, TBogg has abandoned his post at Firedoglake to embark on a vision quest (but since he lives in La Jolla, it’ll probably be a pretty short quest, consisting of a trip to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and then open air sex on the redwood deck; but these are only estimates. Your visions may vary. Consult your shaman before beginning a visioning program.)

In his absence, the superhumanly acerbic Jay B., who you all know from comments, will be filling in. (Now, Roy, unsurprisingly, identifies Jay as an “ace alicublog commenter,” but I suspect that every blog Jay frequents considers him an “ace [Your Name Here] commenter,” and suggest we try to work out some sort of amicable shared-custody arrangement, or maybe he could just wear all of our decals on his jumpsuit like a NASCAR driver).

Anyway, check him out. He’s already posted a great piece on the death of the oyster house as a New Orleans institution, thanks to our friends at British Petroleum.

P.S. Just to help us all get through the coming Bassett Famine, here’s my one blog-related dog pic, featuring my niece’s cocker Bailey.