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Archive for June 6th, 2010

Post-Friday Beast Blogging: The Silver Screen Close-Up Edition

Posted by scott on June 6th, 2010



“My proposal is simple: I will offer you a lucrative, but shadowy errand, about which I will brief you in a vague and unsatisfying way, withholding most of the important details and lying about the rest. Later, when against all odds you complete the task, I will regretfully dispatch two cheap thugs, ostensibly to pay you off, but in reality to gun you down in cold blood, because you now know too much. After you kill them, I will panic and show my hand, and eventually die, either in an ill-advised attempt to shoot it out with you in an abandoned warehouse, or by falling to my death from a church belltower, or perhaps the roof of a swanky downtown hotel. Sound good?”

and Moondoggie:


“Did I leave the oven on?”