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We’re in a bit of a bind here, so I’m going to interrupt our regular programming, and beg for help. (I figure if Jonah Goldberg can do it, there’s no reason for me to act all proud.) First, a quick bit of background: as some of you know, my non-blog career, such as it was, pretty much flatlined in 2008 when the financial collapse killed off the couple of low budget indie films I was working on. (The proper response to this, of course, is “Boo Hoo,” or perhaps “Boo–freaking–Hoo,” so there will now be a ten second pause…)

Okay, we’re back. What’s brought all this to a crisis is the school district’s decision to begin furloughing teachers. Mary lost almost a week’s pay last month, and she’s going to have even more unpaid days this month. Which means July is looking extremely famine-y.

We’ve eliminated all discretionary spending — disconnected the cable, parked the car, canceled the insurance, and I’ve put my finger to my temple and begun playing a little Russian roulette by deferring refills of my headache medication (absurdly pricey now, owing to cuts in our healthcare plan — once again, thanks, LAUSD) — but the blog is still costing us money each month (not a lot — and I’m looking for a cheaper hosting solution — but it’s literally more than we can spare at the moment) so we’re forced to break with Wo’C tradition and get all pleady and needy.


So if you’ve enjoyed what we do here and have a little spare cash, please consider clicking on the PayPay button at the top left (if you’d prefer to use the Postal system, email me at scott.clevenger-at-gmail.com, or click on my name [just under the Better Living Through Bad Movies link on the left side] for our snail-mailing address). Any little bit would help to keep this mess going, but I realize everybody’s having a hard time these days, and if you’re in no position to donate, don’t worry about it; we love you anyway. And if you haven’t enjoyed what we do here, I suppose you’re entitled to send me an invoice for your time, but I warn you, it probably won’t go to the top of the pile.

Anyway, many thanks (for sticking with us this long, if nothing else). (New post below.)

32 Responses to “Well, This Is Embarrassing…”

Sorry about the bad news, Scott. I don’t care for PayPal, so I’ll ask for your address via email. Then I’ll get Michael Anthony to bring you a cashier’s check from John Beresford Tipton for a million dollars, taxes paid, but you can’t tell anyone where you got it.

I just tossed you what I could. It’s not much, but I had to say thank you for being the most consistent laugh of my day.

Goddamn you, Scott, couldn’t you hit me up when I *had* a job? Given the quality of information at this site vs. the pathetic quality of the “nooze” today, I really don’t see why we can’t tax those mothers to support you, but we’ll see what’s left in the old coffers.

Um, how does one go about finding your email address so I can get your snail mail address and send you an antiquated paper document that is acceptable to banks?

An excellent question, String. There’s an email link on the left sidebar under the Book cover, but it’s kind of hard to see with all the clutter that’s accumulated over there. My email address is scott.clevenger-at-gmail.com.


Cat: I know, I know, my timing is famously bad. Some day I’ll get around to telling the story of when I asked Mary to marry me, but here’s the teaser trailer: A funeral was involved.

Scott, I managed to find a few spare simolians under the couch cushions to send your way…I only wish it could be more, seeing as how you, Mary and s.z. have been so good to me over these many years by making me laugh to the point where diet root beer comes streaming out of my nose.

I’m supposed to be working on another RS project for which I expect to be…well, rewarded so I’ll try to squirrel away an acorn or two when it’s completed and I have the check in my fat little hand. The wolf has sort of been at the door of Rancho Yesteryear of late owing to my little sojourn in the hospital a month or two back…and if I don’t give them some sort of payment soon I have a sneaking suspicion they’re going to put the tumor back.

Long time reader says, teachers and wingnut bashers. Gotta support ‘em.

when I asked Mary to marry me, but here’s the teaser trailer: A funeral was involved.

Was it her first husband’s? Cuz if not, that’s not much of a story.

It’s not that much of a story. Basically, I just figured, “Well, I’m already wearing a suit, so…”

Thanks, Ivan, I know you’ve really been through the wringer yourself lately. But speaking of lucrative projects, I think you just successfully pitched the sequel to Repo Men.

Have you sent Moondoggie & Riley foraging yet?

All ha-ha aside, this is obviously serious, as y’all are hardly the Galtian supermanright-wing begging types.

another RS project

Red State? Rolling Stone? (Too many acronyms.)

If there isn’t Scott, Mary & s.z. anymore, then there isn’t Riley or Moondoggie. Also no readers whose replies are near as funny/profound as anything I’ve ever seen written.
I check in everyday and couldn’t imagine the withdrawals I’d have without all of you. Check your PayPal.

another RS project

Red State? Rolling Stone? (Too many acronyms.)

Radio Spirits. Sorry about the secrecy, I just type it that way by force of habit.

Perhaps some variation of this classic National Lampoon cover with a cat? http://kromerica.com/articles/www.magazine.org/editorial/40-40-covers/7.jpg

Trenchcoat: Hmmm…!

Gappy: Thanks! By a not so strange coincidence, in honor of the Pledge Break, we’re planning a Very Special Multimedia Beast Blogging episode this weekend.

I don’t know about all this Foundations of My Daily Life Reeling business. First Roy leaves the Apple and moves to the same place GWBush comes from… then TBogg goes walkabout… and now this. Enough, I say. Will I have to start reading the NYTimes???

Ok, ok. A pittance has been dropped, clanging, in the pail. Don’t spend it all on drink. If I get a job (yes, I know – it’s a really big boat and we’re all in it!), you’ll get more, I promise.

Multimedia Beasts, yes!

I get paid Friday, and I’ll chip in then. If you see Ira Glass while you’re out on the internets, please let him know I’ll catch up with him then, too. He made the same kind of plea this week.

This was funny. I forgot to enter a dollar amount, and got the message:

Please enter an amount greater than zero.

I gave more than zero, but certainly not as much as your blog is worth to me. And take heart: if Obama can talk the worthless Senate into it, there might be money on the way to save Mary’s job.

if you can’t ask yr friends for a lil help, who can you ask?

If there were any justice in this world, you’d be getting a chunk of that fat blogger cash instead of Jonah.

Hope this works out for you.

I just sent a donation your way and hope it helps. It’s maddening knowing a braindead parasite like Meghan McArdle gets a gig with the Atlantic while bright people with a conscience are suffering.

I’ve never given a dime to public television/radio. They don’t enrich my life.

I gave a panhandler at a bus stop $5 the other day and bought some art from a guy who said he was sending 1/2 the take to Doctors Without Borders. For all I know they went out and pumped it into their arms. The art makes me feel good every time I look at it…well, the feelings evoked are more complicated than that, but we don’t have the time it would take to fully explain.

You do what you will with the meager amount I sent in. I recommend buying art; that’s what I do with my tiny savings. Yeah, I’m not exactly employed right now.

Cherries are in season, too. My favorites are Raniers, but they’re never ripe enough. Go for the Bings from the bin where you can pick each dark, crunchy, juicy morsel and skip the bargain baskets with the good ones on top and the unripe ones underneath.

You are surrounded by people who love you.

See you on payday.

We *know* you’re behind the lightning bolt that zapped and burned Touchdown Jesus.

How much do you charge for other targets? I’ve got a little list….

scott, so sorry to hear about all that. Hope things pick up in the very near future.

This being payday and all for me, and my thinking that I don’t want my world to be crap-less, I have added a modest sum to the PayPal pile.

Hang in there!

Hey, you really should get paid for this shit. I get paid and I’m never exactly sure what it is that I’m supposed to be doing. Probably not this. So here at the Covering the Earth in Concrete for a Better Tomorrow, LLC we managed to glom on to a little of that stimulus money and we’re all feeling a little better about the future. If I screw up another estimate enough to get some more work I’ll kick in a little more. My gray walled cubicle would be even grayer without my daily Crap. Hope everything works out for you.

You guys are the best.

Snarki: I job out the actual lightning bolt delivery, but I’ll check with my sub-contractor, Zeus/Xe, and get their rate sheet.

As a long-ago product of the LAUSD (Mayall St. School; Holmes Jr. High; Monroe HS), I feel compelled to thank the system by donating not to them, but to you and your wife. You deserve it more. Consider it a gift in honor of Eugene Friedman, my AP English teacher in 12th grade at Monroe, who I am sure is long gone but who set me on the road to my Ph.D. in English (which I alternatively blame and thank him for, but that’s another story).

Like everyone else here, I’m a regular reader, and I’ve treasured the humor of W o’C for years and a small contribution is the least I can do.

Hope things look up sooner rather than later, for everyone who is having trouble. We’re OK, though we can’t sell our previous house (2 years + on the market now) in our previous city, and that does suck. But at least we are only wasting discretionary income.

I wish I could give more but it’s something and I hope things start looking up soon.
In the meantime, thanks for all of the enjoyment you’ve given me over the years .

Oh holy rat-fuck. I go hermit for a coupla weeks and the ENTIRE shit hits the fan. Dammit, why can’t crises time themselves better, like at the first of the fucking month?!?!? Yeah, I’m still paying on the deposit for a different electric company and this ghettolicious apartment, but dammit, I coulda squeezed-out SOMETHING non-turd-derivative, if I’d known sooner.

I will happily come out there and kneecap Ahhnold if it’ll help — been wanting to do that for decades, anyway.

Soon as I can grab a few shekels, honey, they’re on the way to you & Mary, along with my eternal admiration & affection.

And S.Z.: I was so fucking amazed & delighted to see you back, I damned near fell out! Hall-lay-fuckin’-LUJAH!!!!!! SO glad to see you laying waste to republicunt fucktards again, our Xena Of Teh Wilderness, minus the brass push-up bra. Well, maybe “minus”… but I ain’t askin’.

Just damned grateful.

WO’C has been, from the first time I came here, my “other home,” because of all of the snarky, snarly, wunnerful & hysterically-funny people who come here & who keep this Rube-Goldberg-WISHES-he’d-built-it machine running. Nowhere else have I ever felt so welcome & accepted, and I hope that y’all ALL know how much I appreciate that, and your friendship.

If it helps at all, seeing as how we’re averaging 11 readers PER WEEK post-censorship, I’ll throw a blurb up on M.O.B. about the fundraiser, if it’s not too late. It ain’t much, but it’s worth a shot.


hope all goes well, I really enjoy your site!

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