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Shorter Jonah Goldberg:

Ramesh Ponnuru does not call the Democratic Party the Party of Death in his new book, The Party of Death: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts, and the Disregard for Human Life. In fact, he’s not even talking about the Democratic Party, just all the people in it who happen to be Democrats. So you should go buy his book because it’s heavily discounted on Amazon, and because a guy from Princeton who thought it was morally incumbent upon Terri Schiavo to continue her liquid brain lifestyle gave a copy to the new Pope as a housewarming gift.

(Okay, Ramesh, you got until March 2007 to get a weekly gig with a major daily, ’cause now you gotta flog my book when it comes out. Yes, it’s coming out, Mother promised…)

5 Responses to “Doughy Pantload of Death”

These hypocrites just fuck my shit up. Where were these guys when that one Republican (I forgot his name) said there’d be a lot less crime if they aborted all Black babies, when Tom Delay pulled the plug on his own father (who wasn’t even in half as bad shape as Terri), or when George Bush the younger allowed hospitals in Texas to pull the plug on people who can’t afford their bills (even on innocent babies).

Like the Pope is supposed to gain some insight into the issue by reading Ramesh F. Ponnuru? And just how badly does another in their fifty-year string of Loss Leaders have to fail to get them to flog it so incessantly? Did the Rameshster have to pay for the first printing out of pocket or somethin’?

Oh, Jonah’s just mad that their little strategy of starting up the shrieky name-calling right in the title of their alleged scholarly tomes doesn’t seem to be paying off anymore. See Ann Coulter whining in previous post. I’m sure when Ramesh Ponnuru’s editor/Satanic moneychanger proposed the title, they thought it would guarantee them tons of free public outrage and thus media coverage. But instead, the world yawned. AnnBeast had to resort to gratuitously insulting widows and children to get the headlines.

Jonah Goldberg: She-Wolf of the SS

Well, the inside jacket heading is, in large font, “Is the Democratic Party the ‘Party of Death’?”, and then, slightly smaller “If you look at their agenda they are.”

Later in that jacket copy, it says “Ponnoru details how left wing radicals, using abortion as their lever, took over the Democratic Party.”

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