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Archive for November 18th, 2009

Brave, Brave Sir Robin

Posted by scott on November 18th, 2009

For those of us who hunt the wild wingnut, American Thinker is a primeval forest rich in old growth stupidity and large, slow-moving game.  Unfortunately, some of its inhabitants — as we’ve seen — have a tendency to go stark raving Pepe Le Pew at the first whiff of doe estrus, so there’s always a chance that you will drive away, not with a trophy roped to your roof, but with a desperate fame whore clinging to your rear bumper.  Other native species may exhibit symptoms of hydrophobia, or worse, signs of a psychology degree, which is why I generally give Charles Krauthammer a wide berth, and why I’ve always avoided Robin of Berkeley.  Until now.

Robin is, according to his or her bio, “[a] frequent AT contributor” and “a psychotherapist and a recovering liberal in Berkeley,” which to me conjures one word: gamey.  Additionally, anyone who goes by the nom de plume “Robin of Berkeley” is probably a , and the last thing I need right now is some guy in a kilt and a puffy pirate shirt heaving beanbags at me while screaming “lightning bolt!  Lightning bolt!“  Still, Robin raises a serious issue and deserves, I believe, a sincere and thoughtful response.

It’s a chilling moment when the light goes out in someone’s eyes. A once-radiant child hardens from abuse. A woman’s heart shrinks after her husband’s abandonment.

The person looks the same, maybe acts the same. But something is gone, and what’s lost is irretrievable. It’s like when a person dies: in a heartbeat, the soul vanishes.

I witnessed this alteration recently when I visited my goddaughter, a radiant girl. Her mom, a hardcore progressive, has started exposing her to the darkest elements of the left. And the last time I looked in the girl’s eyes, the light had gone out. Disappeared. Just like that.

It’s certainly bizarre how the light seems to go out of the girl’s eyes every time Robin walks into the room.  It must be that dolphin-friendly tuna her mom bought.

I see this phenomenon every day: a light dimming. The friendly shopkeeper snaps at me. My cheerful neighbor seems flattened.

Yeah, that’s a pretty weird coincidence.  It’s almost as if there were some common denominator between all these people who suddenly look depressed when they see you coming.

Last week, an esteemed Columbia University black architecture professor punched a white female coworker in the eye for not doing more about white privilege.

And that was hardly an isolated incident — unlike, say, a black man being arrested in his own home for talking back to a white cop.

He has no history of violence. So why now?

Why now? This may be the most important question of our time. Why are some people reaching the boiling point? Why do many others look vacant, like an Invasion of the Body Snatchers? The shootings at military bases, from Little Rock to Fort Hood — why now?

It’s Obama, of course.

Crap, and I guessed it was Colonel Mustard.

Liberals will excoriate me for writing this.

Well, if by “excoriate” you mean “laugh ourselves just slightly past the point of incontinence,” then yeah, you might want to grab a poncho and prepare for a shower of excoriation.

But study the phenomenon of cults, and the dynamics are always the same. The leader can incite violence without ever getting his hands dirty. Obama is controlling the marionette of the masses.

It was bad enough when Obama was merely a charismatic presidential candidate, but now that he’s Commander in Chief, he has access to Super-Marionation.  And even if he doesn’t take away our guns, what chance do We The People stand against the Thunderbirds and Super Car?

If Obamamania is a cult, then Obama is the cult leader.

Exactly.  And if American Thinker exists to promote the decriminalization of sex with South American camelids, such as alpacas, llamas, vicuñas and guanacos, then a pundit who writes for American Thinker is a person who likes to make the alpaca with two backs.  Q.E.D.

Cult leaders routinely pull the strings of their followers.

This can be awkward for all involved, especially if their followers are having their period.

The most extreme example is Charles Manson. He rots in prison for murders he never committed. He didn’t have to do the dirty work. His brainwashed charges did his bidding.

I’m not saying Obama is a Charles Manson.

“I’ve just found that, as a psychotherapist, it’s helpful to talk using the most extreme examples possible.  It puts people at ease.”

As soon as Obama came on the scene, the programming began. His face was plastered everywhere like Mao. In his speeches, Obama lulled audiences with a melodious voice and feel-good phrases repeated over and over. And he began inciting people with his charming smile.

Flashing a charming smile is like burning a cross — that’s why there was so much mob violence during the Carter Administration.

First, the vultures starting swooping down on Hillary. Obama chose not to call off the dogs.

Personally, I would have called off the vultures, but I’m not a cult leader, and my smile is at best merely pleasant.

Then thugs invaded caucuses. Again, silence.

Well yeah, but why would Obama care about thugs in the caucasus?  He’s not even caucasian.

Which led to vicious misogyny against Sarah Palin and threats on her life. From Obama: not a peep.

Maybe he could lend her some of his highly trained attack vultures.

We even saw armed thugs at polling places.

The lesson?  Always vote before you take the mushrooms.

Ignored and not prosecuted by Obama’s Attorney General.

And Animal Control still hasn’t done anything about that chupacabra in my back yard.

The moment Obama became president, he upped the signals.

As opposed to Bush, who just pirated cable.

At the swearing in, the entire family eerily chose to wear black and red, colors associated with communism and black nationalism.


I know colorblindness can make it difficult to obtain a pilot’s license, but apparently it’s no impediment to practicing psychotherapy.

Obama returned Britain’s gift of a Winston Churchill statue while embracing dictators.

Which is why he could only give the dictators that one-armed “bro” hug.

He gave a white police officer a dressing down for doing his job, in effect calling him a racist.

Then he gave him a beer for coming to the White House, in effect calling him an alcoholic.

Obama’s greatest magic trick?

Making the world he believe he doesn’t exist.  Oh, wait — no, that’s the Devil.  Or Keyser Söze.

Brainwashing the masses to believe that racism is a greater danger than radical Islam, and that Obama himself is in constant peril.

Pah!  Who’d want to hurt a cult leader who makes the country feel vacant and reminds them of Charles Manson?

Thus, more and more people are finding themselves on the receiving end of a fist, figurative or literal. After the White House released a directive for his followers to strike back hard, a frail, diabetic black man at a Town Hall was beaten up.

Even women can get slugged in the face. Obama signaled during the primary that women were fair game.

Obama’s master plan is diabolical, but brilliant: by using his smile to incite white people to beat up black men, and black men to beat up white women, he improves the odds that health care reform will emerge from the conference committee with a robust public option.

The American Hard Left knows how to create a cult because it is a cult, one with a violent history. The Black Panthers, Symbionese Liberation Army, Weathermen, Black Muslims — all nefarious cults.

The Ku Klux Klan, The Order, Aryan Nations, the Michigan Militia, the Moonies, the Minutemen American Defense, the Glenn Beck Show…Say, this is fun!

Members of the Weathermen, for instance, had their spirits broken through forced wickedness, such as animal abuse.  Patty Hearst morphed into bank robber Tania after weeks of isolation, rape, and beatings by the SLA.   Huey P. Newton sent his Black Panthers to the hospital or to the grave if they didn’t practice total obedience.

So in Robin’s mind, losing an election is equivalent to being beaten and raped.  If nothing else, these are the kinds of insights that make for a very lively therapy session.

The Left has an insatiable need to control every aspect of our lives.

But there’s a deeper reason, one much more insidious.

The Left wants to tear Americans down. Just as the Weatherman did to those naïve lost kids, they want to break our spirits. This goal of degradation is more crucial than their one-world government.

The progressives want to turn us into them, to make us feel as deprived and depraved and deadened. It’s the only way that they can silence the roar of shame and self-loathing.

Robin was apparently absent the day they covered “projection” in Psych 101.

What they don’t understand is this: it’s not going to happen. There are too many of us who won’t be hypnotized.

We can see right through them. We know who they are: the most piteous of human beings, and the most dangerous. Men without a country, orphans far from home. The forsaken and disowned.

They’re “hungry ghosts,” to use a Tibetan phrase: tormented beings who are starving to death from their inner nothingness.

“Sit down, Jenny, I’m glad you came to me for help.  As I understand it, you were sexually abused by a camp counselor, but I think your real problem stems from your mother’s support for the public option.  That’s the kind of progressive thinking that leaves a once-radiant girl depraved and deadened inside.  Is your mom in favor of gay marriage?  Yeah?  Well no wonder you’re roaring with shame and self-loathing, what with that kind of forced wickedness going on in the house.  Yes, yes, I know you were raped, but it’s not like you lost 21 seats in the house and 7 in the Senate, so quit trying to up the signals!  Now, speaking as your therapist, I want to put this delicately, and in the most extreme way I can: I don’t think you’re suffering from PTSD, I think you’re just haunted by hungry ghosts — you know, tormented beings who are starving to death inside you because you have no soul for them to feed upon…?

Hey — what’s the deal with the light going out in your eyes…”