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s.z. and I know how tough it can be to attract the attention of today’s discerning book buyer. And it’s an especially taxing ordeal for wingnut authors, because they’re all competing for the same book buyer — the rabidly right wing bulk-and-pulp plutocrat. (On the bright side, at least they’re not forced to compete for readers.) But because every week brings another fact free, dolphin unsafe, cut-n-paste tome elbowing for space in warehouses and remainder tables and the receiving docks of cardboard box factories, it’s no longer enough to hike up your skirt, flash a bit of thigh sagging over a stocking top like a condom loaded with oatmeal, and wink saucily at Richard Mellon Scaife. Nowadays, you must marshal the forces of Citizen Journalism!

Via Instaputz we see the beginnings of a massive grassroots campaign to Google Bomb Liberal Fascism back to the Stone Age, from whence it came. Will World O’ Crap rise to the challenge?

Just call us Curtis LeMay.

6 Responses to “World ‘O Crap Book Club – Now With Extra Crappiness!”

I’m game – count me in!

Wasn’t google recently modified to curtail bombings?

Aren’t all of those wingnut books pretty much the same?

Wasn’t google recently modified to curtail bombings?

That’s what I thought. Though if you look up “liberal fascism” in Google, the link comes up as the 5th or 6th result. So maybe not.

Number seven with a bullet as of this morning, folks.

You can also do the following Googlebomb:

Liberal Fascism or Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning

Sorry, but I’ve been bit too many goddamn times on this one. Until Jonah delivers a copy of his long-promised book to an actual reader, I’ll waste no more of my time on his literay vaporware.

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