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RILEY:  Ha!  I’d like to see him sneak up on us with that camera now!

RILEY: Crap!

7 Responses to “Post-Friday Beast Blogging: The Incredible Two-Headed Transcat Edition”

There’s the picture for your holiday cards! Or maybe just have it blown up to sofa-size and framed.

Now that’s some good beast bloggin’.

Wowsers, hot two-headed cat action! You have such photogenic kitties.

Awwww. Pretty kitties.

That sure beats the Feline Centipede pic you posted a few days ago…

They certainly are lovely pix. I did not realize that Bastet was a two-headed goddess.

They Transplanted a YELLOW AND WHITE BIGOT CAT’S HEAD onto a SOUL BROTHER CAT’S body! Man, they’re really in deeeeep trouble!

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